70 years of travel: The story of my grandparents’ travel adventures

Note: I’ve been doing travel writing recently and that has been taking priority right now. This is a story I wrote for another website, when it’s posted I’ll link it here. 

I got my love of travel from my grandparents, Maurine and Sol.

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Their Florida home is beautifully decorated with art from the various places they’ve visited and my curious childhood self was intrigued with all these things from different cultures. At least once a year they’d go overseas and every time they came back, they’d have so many stories to tell and I would ask so many questions.

Decorations in their house

In their roughly 91 years on this planet, they’ve been to every continent, bar Antarctica. Sol would have loved to go to Antarctica, but Maurine wasn’t too keen on the idea because it’s a strenuous trip that involves a long flight to Argentina and a boat ride in rough seas, and because of environmental concerns.

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Maurine and Sol’s Travel Map: 1948-2017 (I made this on the website Matador Network)

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Exclusive: The Keepers new single “Another Night” + Q&A

On 15 December, Northampton retro inspired indie band The Keepers will release their newest single, “Another Night” b/w “Cerise.”

To celebrate this milestone, they will play at local venue The Pomfret Arms on December 15 at 8 PM.

If you’re in the area and on a tight budget because of Christmas shopping, don’t worry as entry is free!

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Interview: Young Wings fan writes Jimmy McCulloch biography

The first interview on The Diversity of Classic Rock is author Paul Salley. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

But before we get to the interview, I’ll give you a little context and history about Jimmy McCulloch. I’ve mentioned him before on the blog, but as a recap, Jimmy McCulloch was born on 4 June 1953 in Dumbarton, Scotland. He started playing the guitar as a kid and a few years later was the guitarist for the Jaygars/One in a Million. In 1967, Jimmy McCulloch’s band opened for The Who when they toured Scotland. Pete Townshend really liked Jimmy McCulloch and two years later, 1969 – Jimmy joined Pete Townshend’s friends Andy “Thunderclap” Newman and John “Speedy” Keen to join the band Thunderclap Newman. They released one album in 1970, Hollywood Dream, produced by Pete Townshend. The anti-war song “Something in the Air” went to #1 in the UK. Jimmy McCulloch was only 15 when he played on that song, making him the one of the youngest people to play on a #1 UK hit single. At the age of 21 Jimmy McCulloch joined Wings. Jimmy McCulloch worked with many famous musicians besides Paul McCartney. He worked with Steve Marriott (Small Faces/Humble Pie), Maggie Bell (Stone the Crows), Kenney Jones (Small Faces), Brian Robertson (Thin Lizzy/Motörhead), Ricci Martin (son of Dean Martin), and Jimmy Bain (Rainbow/Dio). Jimmy McCulloch died at the age of 26 in London.
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