From Avándaro to Autodestrucción, an interview with Victor Moreno of Medusa

An article I wrote for Moof Magazine. It was a lot of fun doing research on the Avándaro Festival and speaking with Victor Moreno.


avandaroInterview and words by Angie Moon

Everybody knows Woodstock, that one festival in upstate New York that took place from 15-17 August 1969. It’s arguably the most famous and legendary music festival ever. Songs like “Woodstock” and “For Yasgur’s Farm” were written about that incredible, one-of-a-kind weekend. Woodstock film was released in 1970. Pretty much any classic rock lover of any age has seen it. Forty years after “Three Days of Peace & Music”, Taking Woodstock came out.

If music festivals were a question on Family Feud, Woodstock would be #1. The survey might also say Isle of Wight, Monterey Pop Festival, or Glastonbury. Younger people might mention SXSW, Coachella, or LollapaloozaEvery generation has had their iconic music festivals, and certainly every country has too. 

medusa.jpgIn this post, we’ll be talking to Victor Moreno, drummer of hard rock band Medusa, who…

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