Interview and Review: ¡Los Padrinos!

¡Los Padrinos! are a band from Léon, Mexico. Their music is inspired by power pop of the 70s and pop music of the 60s. They have just released their first LP Lo Que Vendrá, which means “what will come”. In this post, I’ll review the album and interview the band! Let’s go!

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Latinos/Latinas/Spaniards/Spanish-Americans and their influence in Classic Rock and Oldies

Latino/as and Spaniards have had a big role in rock and popular music from the late 50s to today. From Ritchie Valens and Tito Puente to Julian Casablancas and Dhani Harrison. Classic rock also has a huge following in Latin America. I am Hispanic and I love classic rock! My mum and my aunt especially love listening to classic rock and when they were teenagers in Venezuela they liked going to nightclubs and dancing to the music there. The acoustic guitar as we know it is a Spanish invention.

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