Angie Moon on The Fisher Protocol

Recently, I made an appearance on a Who podcast called The Fisher Protocol, just a podcast where Who fans get together and talk about The Who: live albums, studio albums, solo albums, and yes even the movies. Subscribe to the channel here! In a world full of Beatles podcasts and general classic rock podcasts, we need more Who podcasts and more Who community on the internet. I have been looking forward to joining the podcast for some time now and I’m in a couple episodes. It’s no surprise I love The Who, considering I named myself after Keith Moon and my favourite classic rock personal story to tell is the time I went to Pete Townshend’s book signing and he winked and waved at me and my friend. I will never forget that! And Pete’s my favourite member of The Who and one of my favourite songwriters of all time. The Who’s discography from 1965-1973 is god tier. You can’t change my mind!

I had an amazing time talking to Ethan and Bets about The Who. You can follow Ethan on Twitter: @FisherProtocol and Bets on Twitter: @disco_remix. Give them both a follow, they’re both really cool! 🙂

Here’s the one where I talk about my blog and story:

Here’s where we talk about Tommy: Warning: Hot Takes ahead!

Update 24 April: I also joined the podcast to talk about Pete Townshend’s solo album, Empty Glass. Apologies if I look awkward, I was having really bad pain that day! I’m doing better now.

Check out our discussion of The Who’s 1966 album A Quick One!