Book Progress Report: January 2022

Long time no update! As you can remember in the last update back in November, I went to Florida at the end of the month and was there for three weeks seeing family. Below, you can see a couple photos from that trip:

You know I like hippie vans!

Miami’s beautiful architecture:

And a picture of me with some Christmas lights:

When I got home, Christmas was right around the corner and my husband makes it a point for me to not work too much during Christmas, but I was writing as always and while I wasn’t working on my book, I was working on something for my blog, something that a few people expressed an interest in reading and that is my post on rock stars who went back to day jobs, my first post of the year. Weeks of hard work went into this and that was my longest post yet at 17,000 words! To put it in perspective, that is half the length of my masters thesis, which I wrote over three months. But I’ll assure you this, it’s a lot more fun to read than my masters thesis, I guarantee it. I know it was a lot more fun to write too.

Back to the book, and please keep in mind that I am not ready to reveal the topic of my book yet so all things relating to the topic will be vague so please bear with me, it will be worth the wait. When I went to Florida, I was starting a chapter about a band that I don’t really like, believe me I love almost everything classic rock and there are few bands from the era I don’t like, and I was struggling to write it. But after taking a break by travelling and writing about other things, my brain felt fresh and clear and I could finish the chapter, and not only did I do that, I really put in a lot of details. How did I do that? By focusing on the people and not the music. Think of it this way, I don’t really like sports, but biopics about athletes aren’t just about sports, they tell the story of a person, and that’s what I’m doing with this book and my work, generally speaking. Yes, it’s really geared towards classic rock fans, but even if you’re not a classic rock fan, I think you’ll find something of value here and I hope you like the way I tell the stories of these musicians. They’re really interesting stories. I think even if you don’t like the band I’m talking about in that chapter, I think you might find the story captivating. So that’s the importance of taking breaks.

This current chapter I’m working on is about one of my favourite bands ever (take your guesses, if you’d like) and I’m reading a really good book about one of the band members that goes into a lot of detail and has a lot of historical context in it. Like if you need an example of how to write a good rock biography, that book would be it! A good rock biography is second to autobiographies in my research. When possible, I try to read books and writings by the musicians themselves, but sometimes that isn’t possible, especially in cases where the musician died young. Reading and doing research is just as valid work on a book as writing it and reading other people’s work helps me be a better writer. It’s definitely something I need to do more, but I am often in tunnel vision when it comes to my writing. I am very hyper focused on listening to classic rock and writing about it. Thanks to this chapter being about a band I love, it’s very easy to write it and I am going into a lot of detail, which makes me think, when I’m finished with my first draft, I should go back and put in more details and make sure the chapters have a lot of information, or as much as I can find in the case of lesser known ones, and no musician is neglected. I don’t want any chapter to be half-assed. I think as I write the book, I put more and more into each chapter and I’m really proud of my work ethic.

As for the word count, in November you may remember I was at about 56,000 words. As of writing this blog post, I am at a little over 65,000 words. Not bad considering I have been writing stuff for my Medium page (warning: ramblings completely unrelated to classic rock) and writing that blog post about rock stars who went back to their day jobs, plus I had health issues I’d been dealing with for a long time (might write about that on my Medium page). Here’s to a productive February! Also be on the lookout for a travel blog post! You know how much I love writing those and showcasing my photography. I definitely need more opportunities to use my iPhone 13 Pro, hopefully some more this year!

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