Stories behind my vinyl collection

While in Florida, I was most happy to be reunited with my family, but I was also happy to be reunited with my record collection and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t happy to see my records. I have amassed a small collection over the years and I wish I could own more, but I have an even bigger obsession with vintage clothing and dressing like my favourite rock stars, but with a bit of my personality and taste mixed in. It’s not enough for me to listen to classic rock, I want to dress like it’s the era.

On Instagram and Tiktok, vinyl collection videos are very popular and I decided to be productive with my time in Florida and so when I wasn’t writing reviews, I was working on videos related to records. In case you don’t follow my personal Instagram, @angiemichellemoon, I’ll share the videos here. I’ve never done a vinyl storytime series, but I thought that would be something my followers would like.

First, let’s start with three videos of my dad’s record collection:

This first one is just some cool LPs in his collection. He has a lot more records than this, but I just wanted to pick some highlights.

This second one is pretty much all 80s and with Instagram reels being visual, picture sleeves are really cool to show off.

Don’t worry 60s lovers, here are some 45s from my dad’s childhood. This one is all 60s. Some of these used to belong to my uncle, but he gave them to my dad decades ago. I wish these were in good condition, but hey, the fact that these are still around is cool.

My Records

And here’s the main event, my records!

This first one is me and my collection of 45s, picture discs, and coloured vinyl:

This video is me showing my favourite albums in my collection. I still have yet to buy some of my favourites and I have a few favourites here in Ireland. Maybe I’ll talk about those, but I hate recording and editing videos of myself. I pick on my own appearance and voice too much. This one went viral (by my standards at least) though with over 13,000 views and I’m proud of that considering I’m a small blogger.

I also did a series of vinyl storytimes. My memory isn’t so bad and I can remember how I got a lot of these albums. In this first one, I talk about the best deal I ever got and about the time I got a free poster. I wish I thought to show the poster in the video.

In vinyl storytime #2, I talk about my first record: DSOTM, my first Beatles record – a gift from a friend, and finding Kinda Kinks in the plastic at a charity shop in Toronto for only $2!

Just one story in this one, but it’s all about Jimmy McCulloch and Thunderclap Newman. I shout out my friend, Paul, who wrote Little Wing.

In this one I talk about two more great deals. The time I stayed up late for Disraeli Gears and getting Who’s Next for $2 in Toronto.

In this storytime, I talk about gifts from my husband and my love of Thin Lizzy (I really need to get Black Rose on vinyl, but I can never find it 😭).

In this storytime, I talk about some records I found in a used bookstore in Evanston. Quite a haul that day! And I show a couple Wings albums in this one with one of them still in the plastic and the other one . I think I might have paid $5 for each of them.

In this one, I talk about signed albums. Denny Laine signed my copy of Wings Over America and Temples signed my copy of Sun Structures.

And in this last one I talk about one of the perks of being a DJ at the school station, getting free records!

Hope you enjoyed this collection of videos. Let me know what you think in the comments and feel free to share your stories too! 😃

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