Feature: Sunzoom

Disclosure/NB: I got an advance copy of the single to listen to and review

Sunzoom is a psychedelic music project by musician and visual artist Greg McVeigh from Liverpool newly signed to Andy Crofts’ (The Moons/Paul Weller) Colorama Records, a big move up in the industry! Before getting signed he self-released music, which has gotten thousands of listens on Spotify and earned famous fans like Trainspotting actor Robert Carlyle.

Before talking about Sunzoom’s latest release, let’s see what he’s been up to this year, a productive 2021!

His first single of 2021 was “Lay Down”, a catchy song that reminds me a bit of Britpop of the 90s, but with a 60s spiritual edge.

Then, he released his first EP, The Other Side of the Sun. Overall, the sound on this EP has a cosmic-psychedelic sort of sound and is a compilation of the best bits of his series of covers he recorded during lockdown. This is a covers EP with great covers of The 23rd Turnoff’s “Michaelangelo”, The La’s “Timeless Melody”, Pink Floyd’s “Flaming”, The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band’s “Shifting Sands”, and The Flaming Lips’ “Race For The Prize”. What I love about covers albums is you get a look at what the musicians biggest influences are and it’s fun to hear different approaches to songs.

“Golden Age” is a good example of his electronic psychedelic folk sound, or as how he words it on his IG bio, Folktronica.

“Hell No” is a shoegaze/psych song and I love the colourful music video for it:

His latest release is a song called “The Garden Birds of India” inspired by a trip to the antique shop where he looked at the selection of books and records and saw a beat up copy of a book of the same title. Very poetic lyrics and a great song for the summer! You can stream it below.

Sunzoom have big plans for 2021, with the release of his first LP, which was mostly recorded at home with just a mic in his kitchen, and plans to go on tour as soon as it’s allowed. Fingers crossed!

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