Video: Parody: 70s Tradwife warns of the dangers of heavy metal

I’ve stopped making YouTube videos since I’ve lost my passion for it, but because of the Lil Nas X Montero music video controversy, I came up with an idea for a sequel to a parody video I made of a tradwife warning of the dangers of 60s rock music.

I definitely believe that social conservatives today are not that different from social conservatives of the past and I wanted to demonstrate that with another parody video, and definitely the last one I’m making because I don’t have a lot of ideas and I think these sorts of things get pretty stale and tired. Will I make another video again? Who knows? If I feel like it, I guess.

Yes, there are some creative liberties and anachronisms here, but it’s all for comedic effect and jokes. Please don’t yell at me for that! Leave the factchecking at the door and have some fun.

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