Review: 2020 Reissue of Call My Name – White Line featuring Jimmy McCulloch

I was kindly sent this album to me in PR by my friend, Paul Salley, who worked on the design and promotion of the album and is the author of an upcoming biography on Jimmy McCulloch. Thank you Paul!

About Jimmy McCulloch

Jimmy McCulloch is a name that you may not know, but you’ve almost certainly heard of musicians he worked with. He got his big break with Thunderclap Newman, whose album was produced by Pete Townshend and was known for the hit “Something In The Air”. He worked with other big names like John Mayall, John Entwistle, Steve Marriott, and how could we forget Paul McCartney & Wings!

While in Wings, Jimmy and his brother, Jack, formed White Line with American bassist/keyboard player Dave Clarke. They released one single “Call My Name” b/w “Too Many Miles” and performed on the TV show Supersonic in 1976; Twiggy’s Jukebox show; and appearing on Radio Luxembourg. You can find the video of that appearance below:

You can find the “Call My Name” single on eBay for between $5 and $10, but beyond that, it’s hard to find their other songs. A compilation album, White Line Complete: Featuring Jimmy McCulloch was released in 1994, but it’s not easy to find it. If you really want to listen to White Line, you’re in luck because it’s being released as a digital album. It’s also available to stream on Spotify:

The album features 10 songs, plus a demo and live version of “Call My Name”. The highlights of the album include: the big hit “Call My Name”, “Down Bound Train”, “The Same Mistakes Again”, the b-side “Too Many Miles”, and “White Line”. As always, great guitar work by Jimmy!

I wonder what else White Line could have done had they stayed together since on this album they have good range with songs going from power pop to soft rock to hard rock. It’s definitely the thing I always think about when I listen to bands who have short discographies – what could have become of the band if they continued making music?

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