Interview: Georgia & The Vintage Youth

Georgia Crandon is a singer from Essex and she sings with her backing band, The Vintage Youth. True to the name, she loves all things vintage. She is stylish and her biggest influences are glam rock, hard rock, and jazz music. Her biggest musical influences include Elvis, Janis Joplin, and Marc Bolan. We’re lucky to have her on the blog with us to talk about her music. Her discography is diverse in sound and she’s a talented singer who can sing multiple genres.

She released her debut EP, The Girl, in 2016 – you can hear jazz and ska inspired sounds on this release. If R&B and soul are more your thing, you can check out her EP, Go Funk Yourself. If you like Amy Winehouse, Duffy, and Joss Stone, you might like Georgia’s songs: “Glory” and “Wrapped Around Your Finger”. She began the new decade with the soulful 70s inspired “Thick as Thieves” b/w “You + I”.

Her latest release is a cover of Elvis Presley’s political song “If I Can Dream”, released in support of Black Lives Matter, and it’s available to stream now on Spotify.

If you want to learn more about Georgia & The Vintage Youth, keep on reading!

Angie Moon: How would you describe Georgia & The Vintage Youth?

Georgia: Me and my obsession with anything old fashioned. “The Vintage Youth” is anything from the cool musicians I work with, to the retro style of music I write, and all the people who buy into us – young and old.

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Angie: How did the band get started?

Georgia: It all started a few years ago when I started gigging and writing. I was playing a load of solo gigs but I really wanted to play with other musicians so that my songs could sound more like I hear them in my head and so that I could bounce off of other people on stage, I guess it all grew from there.

Angie: How did you get into classic rock and jazz?

Georgia: I loved rock as a youngster. I grew up listening to Elvis and The Beatles, then I got into bands like Queen, T. Rex, and Aerosmith because I loved how flamboyant those front men were and how they commanded a stage.

I started listening to jazz when I was studying musical theatre, I never realised all those beautiful standards originated from shows. But I really do listen to all kinds of music, I love so many genres so my music is like a weird blend.

Angie: Who are your biggest style inspirations?

Georgia: Marc Bolan.

Angie: What inspired the song “Thick as Thieves”?

Georgia: I was listening to a lot of 70’s rock at the time and had just rewatched the Kill Bill movies. So “Thick As Thieves” ended up having a glam rock / Tarantino vibe to it.

Angie: What was recording the song like?

Georgia: Amazing! When I look back, the whole EP was really exciting to make. In the moment I find recording can be an anxious environment, especially when you’re constantly looking at the clock because studio sessions aren’t cheap, but we took all the stems away and I got to piece every track together in detail and eventually got everything out of my head and into Logic.

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toot toot.

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Angie: Do you think that there’s a revival in the popularity of jazz, blues, and soul music?

Georgia: I have no idea to be honest. I don’t really know what’s popular at the moment. I think one of the good things about streaming is that everyone has the freedom to listen to whatever they like whether it’s popular or not, so I guess I’m kind of stuck in my own bubble of the music that I love. Any kind of music is out there and available if you go looking.

Angie: Your next single is a cover of Elvis’ “If I Can Dream” with Mo Pleasure and John Waugh as guest musicians. What was it like to record with them?

Georgia: Great! I’ve had the privilege of working with them both a lot in the past. They’re incredible musicians with so much knowledge and experience. Plus they’re lovely guys.

Angie: What have you been listening to lately?

Georgia: The other day I watched Legend – the one about the Kray Twins. The soundtrack to that film is gorgeous. Duffy plays Timi Yuro and her version of “Make The World Go Away” has been on repeat a lot lately in my room.

Angie: What are your goals?

Georgia: To play a real gig again one day would be nice. Any words for your fans? Stay safe you lovely people and I’ll see ya on the other side. G x

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You can follow Georgia on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and her website.

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