Listen to This, Not That: Rolling Stones – Readers have their say

Welcome to our first letters to the editor edition of Listen to This, Not That! The last post in the series was about The Rolling Stones. I want to turn this series into a conversation, which is why I’ll have guest posts and readers having their say in a vox pop. I asked readers and friends which Rolling Stones songs they found overrated and underrated and let’s hear what they have to say:

Not That! Overrated Stones songs:

It’s no surprise that the most common answer for overrated/overplayed Stones song is “Satisfaction” with “Start Me Up” as a close second. These songs don’t do The Rolling Stones justice and that’s not all they did. Here are some other picks from readers:

  • “Beast of Burden, Gimme Shelter, and Start Me Up” – Dylan
  • “Start Me Up and Satisfaction” – Allie
  • “Sympathy For The Devil and You Can’t Always Get What You Want” – Britt
  • “Sympathy is a song overplayed enough that I change the station when it comes on” – Patrick
  • “I hate to say it, but ‘Start Me Up'” – @miss_k_reviews on Instagram
  • “Satisfaction, Start Me Up, Miss You” – Valerie
  • “Shattered” – Tara
  • “She’s like a RAMBO!” – Kuba
  • “I gauge so much from their live sets in which a number of songs, I feel, have outstayed their welcome, such as: ‘Start Me Up’, ‘Miss You’, ‘Tumbling Dice’, (so much of the predictable live set sounds wearisome now) whilst the likes of ‘Rock & A Hard Place’, ‘If You Really Want To Be My Friend’, & everything on the Undercover album except ‘Feel On Baby’ should have been left in the vault. I also wish that Mick hadn’t started singing like a Bee Gee (‘Emotional Rescue’, what was he thinking?)!” – Tony

Listen to This: Underrated Stones songs:

Don’t just take my word for what songs are under appreciated, here’s what my readers have to say!

  • “She’s a Rainbow” – Hailey
  • “Tumbling Dice, She‘s a Rainbow, Memory Motel, and Dead Flowers” – Allie
  • “Let It Bleed” – Britt
  • “Fool to Cry” – Patrick
  • “Hand of Fate and Silver Train” – Jacob
  • “Dandelion, Parachute Woman, Citadel” – Kuba
  • “Back Street Girl” – @miss_k_reviews on Instagram
  • “Dandelion, We Love You, Loving Cup, Factory Girl, Live With Me” – Esteban
  • “Anything off Satanic Majesties, to be honest, People tend to rate it as a ‘crap album'” – Valerie
  • “Shine a Light and No Expectations! 2 of my favorites that I never hear about!” – Heather
  • “Short and Curlies” – Tara
  • “Factory Girl” – @art.garfunkel on Instagram
  • “As for the underrated stuff, songs that deserve live outings/or make returns into the set include: ‘Fingerprint File’, ‘Citadel’, Hey Negrita’, ‘Had It With You’, ‘Coming Down Again’, ‘Hide Your Love’, ‘Love Is Strong’, ‘Laugh, I Nearly Died’, ‘We Love You’ (that could be a cracker on stage), ‘Shake Your Hips’ (granted it’s a Slim Harpo number), ‘Melody’ (with Bernard Fowler) & the medley of ‘Ventilator Blues’/’I Just Want To See His Face’!” – Tony

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