Interview: Devyn Crimson

Devyn Crimson is a Chicago-based YouTuber, Instagram influencer, model, and blogger in the vintage fashion scene. Her outfit game is always on point and she gives great advice on how to do the perfect 60s/70s makeup. She’s gained a lot of popularity in the past few years, amassing an incredible 38,000+ Instagram followers and 53,000+ subscribers on YouTube (as of the publish date of this article). Wow! It really show that this style is timeless.

I was lucky to interview Devyn and here we chat about style, music, how she got started in her career, and tips for those looking to become vintage style influencers. If you want to learn more about Devyn, keep on reading!

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Baby, I need YOU 💫

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Angie Moon: How did you get into classic rock and the fashion of the time period? 

Devyn Crimson: After finding the Beatles I fell in love with everything 60s. Their wives and girlfriends inspired me to start dressing like I do now which is how I am happiest.

Angie: Who are your fashion inspirations? 

Devyn: Pattie Boyd, Pamela Des Barres, Alice Cooper, Marianne Faithfull, Stevie Nicks, and Brian Jones. I love mod looks but I really enjoy putting a more eclectic/ bohemian twist on them.

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Saturday in the park 📸 @ablyhouse_andrewbock

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Angie: What is your favourite vintage (or vintage style) item that you own?

Devyn: Ooooh, such a tough question to answer. Probably this beaded belt I have, my jacket from the Netherlands, or my gold snake armband!

Angie: What are your favourite albums of all time?

Devyn: Rubber Soul, Crimson and Clover, Love It To Death, Easy Action, Pendulum, and Blonde on Blonde.

Angie: Which musicians do you think have the best style?

Devyn: Well they all bring something different and cool to the table but BEST I would have to give to Brian Jones and Alice Cooper… and when I am talking about Alice I mean 70s Alice when it was the Alice Cooper Group!

Angie: How popular is 60s/70s style in Chicago?

Devyn: I would say there is a good sized subculture. Not super mod or psychedelic or anything like that. It’s more like a 70s country rock kinda vibe or kinda punk in some ways.

Angie: How did you get into modelling?

Devyn: I started modelling just from my own room I guess haha. I didn’t really think of it as modelling; I just wanted to dress up and do my makeup crazy and share it with the internet.

Over time though you pick up little tips that make things easier or you kinda hone in your skills. You know, just doing something a lot you’re bound to improve.

Out of high school I went and was signed to a modelling agency in the Twin Cities but never really did anything with it. Then, moving to Chicago gave me lots of opportunities to work with other creatives here, and of course in LA I wanted to take advantage of my time there and get as much work done. I am a person who likes to be busy haha.

Angie: How did you meet Pamela Des Barres?

Devyn: I had been a fan of Pamela’s for a while when I saw her company she was trying to start was looking for a social media manager and I applied, got the job which with it brought conversations between the two of us.

When she came to Chicago for one of her writing classes and invited me there was no question whether I’d go or not– I mean who would say no? So, in short that is how I met Pamela Des Barres!

Angie: Have you met any classic rockers or any other people involved in the scene? What were they like?

Devyn: I have met so many! I have friends all over and it’s pretty awesome. I’ve met online friends from Texas, Chicago (before I moved here), New York, Los Angeles, The Netherlands when I was touring with my boyfriend there, Nashville… the list goes on and on.

I mean for the most part everyone is awesome! There’s always going to be difficult people no matter what their interests are so you really can’t judge an entire person based off the music they’re into or what clothes they wear. Everyone is pretty cool though!

Angie: What do you like most about being an influencer/blogger/model?

Devyn: I love the freedom. I didn’t always work for myself and I have had a job ever since I was legally able, and before that I worked for my mom. I used to have a classic 9-6 office job and although my co-workers were awesome and I didn’t mind the work I just couldn’t handle being trapped in that chair all day everyday.

I do more work now than I ever did then but like I mentioned before, I love to be busy– especially if it’s my own projects! I also love the people. I am a big people person coming from a family with 5 loud and very expressive siblings… I love people!

Angie: How do you think being an influencer/blogger has helped you outside of social media?

Devyn: I really think it has helped my career, I mean I wouldn’t be able to style people from all over without the platform I have. It’s also introduced me to so many friends… including my boyfriend.

I have been able to travel so much which I am SO grateful for, and I think as much as it can be hard on self esteem I think I have learned a lot about how to love myself even when people can be hateful (which isn’t often, luckily) and how to appreciate myself when I am feeling less than.

Being online with all these amazing people sometimes you can feel like you’re not good enough or get an imposter syndrome kinda thing and even though we can all slip into that once in a while, whenever I do I try to ask myself why I feel like this and grow from it. So, I think it has taught me a lot about myself and helped me grow into a more loving and accepting person.. not just of myself but of others as well and that’s all I could really hope for.

Angie: What is your proudest accomplishment?

Devyn: As of now, I am most proud of how I have grown, and finally achieving my goal of being my own boss and working from wherever I want because that is the dream for me!

Angie: What motivates you?

Devyn: Working on your own you really have to be your own biggest motivator and I really don’t have too much of an issue with this because I want to be the best I can be. Although, when I am feeling less than motivated my fellow influencers/ bloggers really inspire me. I see what they’re accomplishing and it helps to kick start that fire inside of me.

Angie: What tips do you have for aspiring vintage fashion bloggers?

Devyn: Biggest tip is to be you! Don’t copy another person, modern or from back in the day, note by note. There’s taking inspiration and putting your own signature on things and then there’s straight up trying to be someone else which will never bring success because there’s already one of those people. The world needs something new and that something is YOU!

Don’t give up, ever! People are probably going to doubt you and maybe they’re people who are close to you but to really accomplish something all you have to do is put in the work and truly believe that you can do it. You’ve got to believe it in your core that this is the person you want to be & the person you are… and that really goes for anything!

Angie: What advice do you have for someone who wants to create their own vintage wardrobe?

Devyn: Start with good basics items that are versatile and slowly add is statement items. Getting vintage accessories are great to add a retro touch to an outfit. Also, just study the fashion of the time so you know what is authentic!

You can follow Devyn on Instagram, YouTube, and her website.

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