Review: Social Media Anxiety Disorder by Dan Israel

I was generously sent an advance copy of this CD in PR. Thank you Dan! The album comes out on October 11th and there is an album release show on October 4th at The Hook & Ladder in Minneapolis, with ukulele player Katy Vernon opening. Tickets are $8 advance and $12 at the door.

If you want to learn more about Dan and read my review of his album, keep on reading!

About Dan

Dan Israel is a classic rock inspired singer-songwriter based in Minnesota. A longtime fixture on the Minneapolis music scene, he’s released 15 solo studio albums. Before that, he fronted bands in Chicago and Austin, the latter was where he was named one of the top 15 songwriters in the city. He was the first guest on Minnesota Public Radio 89.3’s The Current, a non-commercial member-supported radio station.

About the album

It was recorded in the spring and summer of 2019 at two different Twin Cities studios. Jon Herchert and Steve Price were producers and engineers on the album. Peter Anderson and David J. Russ play drums on the album and Jeremy Ylvisaker, Steve Brantseg, John Fields, Janey Winterbauer, Tonia Hughes Kentrick, Jon Duncan, Paul Odegaard, and Randy Casey are special guests on the album.

Review: Social Media Anxiety Disorder

The title caught my eye and what a sign of the times that we live in. Increasing anxiety for so many reasons and there’s no doubt social media and all the talk on there doesn’t help anything. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram trying their best to combat the “fake news” and the comparison game/keeping up with the Joneses by hiding likes.

Quick Track by Track overview:

“Be My Girl” – Energetic power pop opener, love the horns. Definitely a strong start to the album.

“125” – Psychedelic, reminds me of The Beatles Sgt Pepper/Magical Mystery Tour era, and a bit of Temples’ “Sun Structures”. I love the psychedelic, fuzzy guitar solo.

“Just Can’t Take It” – A track that beautifully marries synth pop and psychedelia. Love the slide guitar sounds.

“Still I’m Lost” – A slower, dreamier song with some folk elements.

“Might As Well Be Me” – A more folk/country song. These are his roots and it’s cool to hear this sound alongside something different. Even if country isn’t your thing, you might like this because it’s got some crossover pop/rock elements.

“Another Day” – A more upbeat folk rock song. To me, this is definitely one of my favourite tracks on it.

“Just Can’t Take It Revisited” – A different approach to the third track, with some spoken word in the intro and some rap/talking blues. It’s a real throwback to the classic rock era when I see tracks like this that put a different spin on a track on the album.

“Tired” – Relaxing roots song. Great music for studying.

“Alright” – Love the drum roll intro that builds up to this upbeat power pop song. Love the guitar riff. Those who like his more roots/folk sound will still hear a bit of it in his vocal delivery.

“Here For Today” – Reminiscent of when the Stones incorporated country in their sound in the early 70s or Tom Petty’s music. One of the more rock songs on this album.

“Out of My Hands” – Another song with a country feel to it. Reminds me of driving around the middle of the country.

“Out of My Hands (Reprise)” – I like the bells in this song and I feel this was an appropriate choice to close the album. Lots of soul in this song.

It’s an eclectic album with power pop, psychedelic, synth-pop, indie pop, folk, talking blues, and roots/Americana sounds. Give it a listen when it comes out! For me, the highlights are “Be My Girl”, “125”, “Just Can’t Take It”, “Another Day”, “Alright”, “Here For Today”,

You can follow Dan on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, and Spotify.

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