Interview: Peaches in Honey

Tara Obregon, who records under the moniker Peaches in Honey, is a Southern California-based musician, poet, and YouTuber. You absolutely should check out her latest single, “Swing Time Dream” released on Burger Records.

She has plans to release a full album next year and I’m definitely looking forward to it. At Crazy on Classic Rock, we’re lucky to have Tara speak about to us about her music, style, and inspirations. Thank you so much Tara! If you want to know more about her, keep on reading.

You can stream the audio on Spotify:

Or watch the music video on YouTube:

The music video was directed by her boyfriend, Mikah Wilson and filmed at Imperial Palace Banquet Hall in Pasadena.

Interview: Peaches in Honey

Angie Moon: How did you get into classic rock and the fashion of the time period?

Tara Obregon: It all started with watching The Partridge Family when I was very young… (my mom is an angel for raising me on this show!) The show opened me up to sounds of the 70s and it all sounded so inviting and familiar to me.

When you’re obsessed with something, you want to have all of the aspects surrounding the subject. In this case, 70s music wouldn’t be as cool as it was without the fashion. So I quickly started collecting vintage and have always felt like my authentic self in it!

Angie: Who are your fashion inspirations?

Tara: I have so many! Jean Shrimpton, Sharon Tate, Lee Radzwill, Audrey Hepburn, Anita Pallenberg.. the list goes on but those are my main muses!

Angie: Why the name Peaches in Honey?

Tara: Peaches in Honey came to me one day when I was scrolling through desserts and peaches and honey came up. It just sounded so cute to my ears, and I felt like I connected with it. Peaches are sweet, and dipping them in honey makes them even sweeter. That’s what I love about it – I am a sweet person and I aspire to be sweeter with each day.

Angie: How would you describe your music style?

Tara: My music has been described as being sweetly narcotic, lush, haunting, and bedroom 60s indie pop. I feel like that’s pretty accurate!

Angie: What do you like most about vinyl?

Tara: The going out and finding records is the most fun for me. Having an album in mind and then searching everywhere for the vinyl. It makes listening to it that much more special. Opposed to just listening to it on Spotify.

It’s so nostalgic even for people like me that didn’t live in the 60s and 70s… because owning a vintage vinyl just means that the owner before you enjoyed it and now you are enjoying it. It’s an experience!

Angie: What inspired your latest song “Swing Time Dream”?

Tara: Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire were my inspiration behind “Swing Time Dream”. My vision throughout the whole song was imagining them dancing together to the song, and everything about it aligned and felt so right.

Angie: What movies and muses inspired the music video?

Tara: Everything ever created by Wes Anderson inspired the video! I love the colours he uses, and the symmetry. So I told Mikah to record as symmetrically as possible! I was also inspired by the cinematography in the Handmaids’s Tale so I tried to incorporate staring into the camera. Lastly, I wanted to keep the vibe similar to Valley of the Dolls (the wig, makeup and my vintage pink nightgown)

Angie: What are your five favourite classic rock albums?

Tara: Let it Bleed by The Rolling Stones, All Things Must Pass by George Harrison, Wheatfield Soul by The Guess Who, Heaven Tonight by Cheap Trick, and Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround by the Kinks.

Angie: What are your favourite music videos?

Tara: I really love the video for Paperback Writer by the Beatles, Funny Little Frog by Belle and Sebastian, Roller Girl by Anna Karina, and Monkey Disco by the Babe Rainbow.

Angie: Who are your favourite musicians from this decade?

Tara: I only like a handful! I really like Jessica Pratt, Hope Sandoval, Belle and Sebastian, Weyes Blood, and Jacco Gardner.

Angie: If you could collaborate with any musician or celebrity, who would you collaborate with?

Tara: Goodness, this is a question that I could give you many answers to! In a perfect world I would want to collaborate with George Harrison out of everyone else.

Angie: What are your goals for the future, music wise?

Tara: I’d ideally like to have my first album released by the middle of next year. I’ve been working on many different projects as I am an artist of many facets. My goal for music is similar to the goals of most musicians… to be able to change someone’s bad day into the most magical one. To bring upon a smile in a difficult time, to bring the desire to dance a little, and to love a little more.

You can follow Tara on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify.

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