On Tour: Chester

Last minute, I decided to take a day trip to Chester, a beautiful walled city near the Welsh border. It’s definitely worth the day trip if you’re travelling around Manchester (1 hour away by train) or Liverpool (40 minutes away by train). If you want to see some cool pictures, keep on reading!

About Chester

Chester is in the Northwest of England, on the River Dee. It has a long history dating back to the Romano-British period, founded in 79 AD as a Roman fort, or castrum, called Deva Victrix. Some historians believe that if the Romans didn’t leave Britain, Chester would have become the Roman capital of England. There are some parts of the city that are 2000 years old!

Chester gets a decent amount of tourists because of its beautiful old buildings in the centre dating from the medieval times. Lots of Grade I listed buildings! It feels like you’re walking around in Shakespeare’s time. You can get great pictures of the buildings from the top of Eastgate (where the Victorian clock is – apparently the second most photographed clock in England, after the Big Ben clock tower, of course!) and it looks like a postcard.

What to see

I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking, but there’s a decent amount of things to see in Chester and you don’t have to walk a lot. Shopping is pretty good for a city its size. You can easily see the city in just a short day trip.

The main sights to see are the Cathedral, Grosvenor Park, the Walls, and the Ampitheatre.


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What to eat

When I looked at Happy Cow, I didn’t find a lot of vegan options, but walking around I saw a lot more options, but I decided to go to the 100% vegan cafe, Jaunty Goat Coffee. What’s really cool about it is that it’s independent, locally-owned, and started by a guy who is only a couple years older than me and he’s a vegan!

I ordered the vegan poke bowl which has hummus, avocado, peppers, cucumber, asparagus, and seeds. Healthy!

Jaunty Goat Chester Lunch - Poke Bowl

Shout out to my good friend and Topaz level Patron, Patrick.

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