What I’ve been listening to: Spring 2019

I’m thinking of making this a new regular segment on my blog, where I share some new classic rock inspired music that might interest you, but in a short, easy to digest way where I share my quick thoughts. Let’s get started!

1. Lunch Money by Front Biz

I was generously sent this album for review. Front Biz are a psychedelic band from Upstate New York and their debut album, Lunch Money will be coming out on 14 June. Their sound is fuzzy psychedelic space rock, similar to bands like Unknown Mortal Orchestra and White Denim.

You can listen to “Little Mutants” now on Spotify in the meantime. It’s a funky, fuzzy opening track that reminds me of White Denim. The highlight of the second track, “Winter’s Dream” is the space rock/fusion like jam that starts at 3:40. Track three, “WYCH” reminds me of a more psychedelic, edgier Vampire Weekend with a bit of The Strokes. Track 4, “Lunch” is a relaxing jazzy, funky instrumental. I would consider the fifth track, the epic nearly 8 minute long “Dead Ass” a highlight because of its combination of prog rock and psych and it segues nicely into “Full Moon (Interlude)”. Overall, it’s my favourite track on the album. The last track, “Wolf Mistress” is a strong track too. If you’re into prog and psych, you might want to check out this album when it comes out. If you want to see what Front Biz are up to, they’re on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, and Instagram.

2. “Windy Cities” by Blac Rabbit

You may have seen me talk about Blac Rabbit before. They’re this amazing psychedelic rock band from New York City started by identical twins Amiri and Rahiem Taylor. They got viral fame from a Facebook video of them performing Beatles covers in the subway. They released one EP in 2017 and I’ve been looking forward to hearing new music from them. Since then they’ve released two singles, but I’ll be focusing on their latest one, “Windy Cities”. First off, love the galaxy/smoky look of the artwork. Reminds me of Pink Floyd and space rock. This single was worth the wait and it’s like what I wanted to hear from Tame Impala (recently Tame Impala released some new music that wasn’t up to snuff). Definitely should go on your playlist!

3. “Go/Eagle Birds/Lo/Hi” by The Black Keys

The Black Keys will be releasing a new album Let’s Rock at the end of the month, but recently, they’ve released some tracks as a teaser. It’s been 5 years since the last album, so we want new material. I try not to listen to singles before the album comes out, but I couldn’t help it. Definitely makes me look forward to the album. My favourite of these three is “Lo/Hi”, which was a commercial success, topping the Mainstream Rock, Adult Alternative, Rock Airplay, and Alternative Songs charts simultaneously. Who said nobody cares about rock music anymore?

4. “Poisonous Ivy” by Suzan Köcher

Another great release from Suzan Köcher (read my interview with her here). This one is more psychedelic folk song. It’s giving me Life is Strange vibes and reminds me of the autumn and forests.

5. “All The Way” by Aimée Steven

A new release from the talented Liverpool based singer-songwriter (read my interview with her here). This song is on the Spotify playlist Hot New Bands, which features up and coming musicians from the UK and Ireland. Congratulations! Love the twangy guitars and vocals in this song. A very fitting song for a road trip playlist.

6. “Shot Down” by Night Beats

Found out about this one from the Spotify Release Radar. This is a 50s rock and roll style cover of garage band The Sonics’ song “Shot Down”. Very retro! Listening to “Puppet on a String” from their 2011 debut album, I can definitely hear the surf and garage rock influences and it makes sense why they covered this song. Definitely going to have to listen to more from them.

7. “Be My Queen” by Hoozbah

We have another update on a band that I’ve previously covered. Hoozbah have released a new single, a love song, “Be My Queen”. Same great old school sound with prominent organ, bass, and sax. This is a good song for a summer playlist and another great teaser for their upcoming album, Do Better, coming out later this month, so keep those eyes peeled. It’s punchy, addictive, and fresh.

Anything you’re looking forward to?

Later in the year there will be new releases from Temples, Greta Van Fleet, Rosalie Cunningham (of Purson), Liam Gallagher, and The Darkness. I definitely want to review those when they come out. Let me know what you’re looking forward to in the comments section! 😃

Shout out to my good friend and Topaz level Patron, Patrick.

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