Review: Radiant Radish Around the World Compilation

My friend, Esteban, who plays in Los Padrinos, contributed some new songs on a compilation album released on independent Nashville based record label Radiant Radish Records. Three other bands contributed songs to the album: Vista Blue, The Barbecuties, and Screaming Dogs.

Today, I’ll be reviewing this album and giving you some background information about the bands.

Background Information

Radiant Radish Records are based in Nashville, Tennessee and specialise in power pop, indie rock, and pop punk.

Vista Blue are a power pop band based in Nashville with members who are also from Cincinnati and New Orleans. Their main influences are 60s and 90s bands like The Beatles, Beach Boys, Carpenters, Fountains of Wayne, and Weezer.

The Barbecuties are from Germany and play power pop, pop punk, and punk rock. The band members are from Mannheim and Hanau.

Screaming Dogs are from Paola, Calabria, Italy and play punk rock. They were formed in 2003 and their biggest influences are punk bands like The Ramones, New York Dolls, and The Buzzcocks; as well as 50s and 60s artists like Buddy Holly, Dion & The Belmonts, and The Beach Boys.

Los Padrinos are from Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. Their sound ranges from power pop to British Invasion inspired to garage rock with a pop art and 60s aesthetic.

True to the compilation’s title, the bands are a really international, diverse bunch, but what unites them and transcends barriers is their love of power pop and pop punk. Let’s see what this album is about!

Review: Track by Track

“Uh Oh” (The Limit cover) – Vista Blue

I love this energetic power pop track and it’s a great opener. This song was originally by an 80s pop/punk band from New Orleans called The Limit. The great thing about covers is that they can introduce you to bands you might not have otherwise listened to.

It reminds me a lot of the late 90s and I can totally hear the influence Fountains of Wayne had on them. I could totally imagine a surf/California themed music video to go with this. A really good cover indeed.

“Bonehead’s Bank Holiday” (Oasis cover) – Vista Blue

This Oasis cover is a neat interpretatio with a 90s pop punk influence, but I can also hear a bit of 60s beat influence. This one reminds me a bit of the Tony Hawk video games. It makes sense that there’s a Britpop cover because that subgenre took a lot of influences from the mod revival, 60s, and jangle pop.

“Let’s Go” (Kung Fu Monkeys cover) – Vista Blue

Love the electric guitars in this one. This one’s a bit more modern sounding than the previous two, but still a good track.

“California Dreamin'” (Mamas and the Papas cover) – Vista Blue

Totally different from the original and I like this more punk rock take on the sunshine pop hippie classic.

“Time Flies” – The Barbecuties

A very short track that reminds me of 90s pop punk and ska punk. Can hear this being as a 90s show theme.

“Jukebox Saturday Night” – The Barbecuties

Energetic, fast power pop.

“Mona” – The Barbecuties

This song reminds me a lot of Rocket Power, a show I used to watch all the time when I was a kid.

“Aloha Mon Amour” – The Barbecuties

I love the mentions of Hawaii in the lyrics. Shows you how music can really take you around the world. This song and “Time Flies” are my favourites of the Barbecuties. I really like how this song has two parts to it and it has that pause in the middle.

“Commodore” – Screaming Dogs

Looking at the next track titled “Space Invaders”, I’m thinking the title is a nod to the old computer system. I’m a bit young for it, but I love old technology and I’m fascinated watching videos about it. Great power pop song.

“Space Invaders” – Screaming Dogs

I love harder power pop with some sci-fi lyrics.

“Bad News on Sunday Morning” – Screaming Dogs

This song reminds me of my trips to California and Australia. Who knew that surf rock and punk could mix so well? Reminds me a lot of The Ramones.

“Leave Hope Behind” – Screaming Dogs”

I like the drums and bass in this track and the vocals are very 70s NYC punk.

“Subito” (Sudden) – Los Padrinos!

Not only are there musicians from all over the world on this album, but this album is bilingual. A short song that I could imagine as a TV show theme. This song mixes indie rock and power pop well. These four songs by Los Padrinos are all new.

“El Cuaderno” (The Notebook) – Los Padrinos!

Very surf/power pop. The guitar in this song is catchy.

“Adios Nena y Amen” (Goodbye darling and amen) – Los Padrinos!

This one will take you back to the 60s. Could listen to this at the beach. I love the horns in this song.

“Adriana” – Los Padrinos!

A really nice softer pop song to end the album and a contrast to the opening track. A really enjoyable listen.

Final Thoughts

With summer coming up (in the Northern Hemisphere), power pop fits the mood perfectly. If you like power pop, pop punk, and retro sounds, you might want to pick this album up. This album reminds me of the kinds of CDs you’d find at my university’s radio station. We had all kinds of stuff there. From start to finish, this is a great album with a nice mix of power pop and punk.

You can buy the album on CD on Radiant Radish’s shop or digital download on Bandcamp.

Shout out to my good friend and Topaz level Patron, Patrick.

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