Vegan meal at Copia Green and Detective Pikachu

A while ago someone mentioned that there was a new vegan friendly, health focussed restaurant, called Copia Green, not too far from our house. In our area there aren’t too many options for me food wise. A couple months ago, The Underdog closed down, leaving us with one less place to go. And last month, The Old Fire Station closed down. This leaves The Grove as the only completely vegetarian place in the city centre.

Near our house there are two Thai restaurants, which I enjoy, but I like some variety. There’s a pizza restaurant that makes a vegan pizza, but it’s a bit pricey. McDonald’s here has a vegan wrap, but I don’t go to McDonald’s unless I’m desperate. A lot of the restaurants at the university are run by Aramark (and they don’t even have really any vegan options either), who operate the Direct Provision centres, so we are boycotting them.

Basically in Ireland, asylum seekers have very limited rights and have a hard time finding work (asylum seekers had no right to work until this year, they also must pay for a work permit and there are a lot of work restrictions); cannot cook for themselves and have to eat bland food that may not fit their dietary requirements; and are in cramped, inhumane living conditions and only get a little less than €40/week (only recently was this raised from €21.60/week). People are stuck in direct provision centres for years.

Anyway, my husband and I were really hungry and on the way to the shop, on a whim we decided to go to Copia Green because we had no food in the house and shopping on an empty stomach and then having to walk back with all the groceries would have been really painful and a bad idea.

The restaurant is located inside the Travelodge hotel, near University of Limerick and it’s pretty well indicated on the sign, easy to find. The design of the restaurant is clean and modern and clearly indicated on signage is their mission statement of innovative, thoughtful, nourishing, and environmentally friendly food. The restaurant is focused on healthy, locally sourced, seasonal, zero waste food.

The restaurant isn’t completely vegan or vegetarian, but there are plenty of options to pick from and it’s perfect for groups with a mix of veggies and meat eaters. The menu has clear labels for different allergy and dietary requirements, which is really convenient. On Saturdays and Sundays, there’s all day brunch.

My husband ordered the vegan burger and I ordered the falafel waffles. We both really enjoyed the food and we liked how it’s healthier than a lot of the other vegan food options elsewhere.



I only wish that the falafel waffles came with a bit more hummus and baba ganoush and if it had some tahini on the side. Still though, it was really good, nice flavour, and very filling. The vegan burger was a bit crumbly and fell apart. I had a couple bites of it and I really liked the vegan mayo.

My husband and I decided to try the desserts. Most of which are vegan and fruit/nut based. I had the vegan berry cheesecake. I got very lucky that I got a larger slice than usual. I even think it would be worth stopping here just for the cheesecake and some tea. My husband had some poppyseed loaf cake and he enjoyed that. It wasn’t vegan though.


Later that day, we went to see Detective Pikachu. I never played Pokemon as a kid because my parents never bought me video games and I really didn’t have much interest in video games anyway. It was only when I met my husband that I started playing Pokemon. My husband has been playing Pokemon forever basically and has pretty much all the games.

Before the movie came out, a rickroll like video of Detective Pikachu dancing to a song that sounds like “Jump For My Love”. I love how it was an oddly specific duration. I was fooled, I’ll admit it!

I loved how Ryme City was based on London. I’ve been to London so many times so seeing all the architecture, double decker buses, and Underground like signs was a real trip. Now I’m imagining London with Pokemon all over the place. Well… When I was in London with Eoin two years ago we were really into Pokemon Go, so that’s the closest we were getting to Ryme City.

The story of course ends with a cliche, but I don’t mind it. Lots of laughs from Pikachu’s lines. Also loved how there was a sign in the beginning of the movie that said “Vegan Pizza” and I could totally relate to how media internships are often unpaid and it’s a lot of thankless work.

Anyway, if you like Pokemon, you’ll like this movie.

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