Interview: Paul McCartney Impersonator and Musician Davey Justice

Davey Justice is a Paul McCartney lookalike who has played in multiple tribute bands including The British Invasion, who played at EPCOT). He has played all over the world as Paul McCartney and I had the privilege to speak to him. Thanks a million Davey!

Angie Moon: Tell me your story: How did you get into The Beatles?
Davey Justice: Several people would come up to me when I was performing live to tell me I look and sound a lot like Paul McCartney.
AM: What are your earliest memories of The Beatles?
DJ: My earliest memory of the Beatles was when I saw the original cast Beatlemania* perform in Chicago. The next day I bought two of each album including their solo albums. One to open and play and the other trophied to save.
*Historical note: Beatlemania are an American Beatles tribute band formed in 1980 by Lenie Colacino, who was a former cast member of the late 70s Beatles musical, Beatlemania. The show only ran on Broadway from 1977-1979 and likely stopped because of a lawsuit from Apple Corps, The Beatles’ company.
This tribute band have played all over the world. Their idea was to sound like The Beatles and take people back to that time and perform a show that makes you feel like you’re really seeing The Beatles.
AM: What are your top 10 Beatles songs? 
DJ: My top 10 Beatles songs would be:
  1. “Penny Lane”
  2. “I Am The Walrus”
  3. “Strawberry Fields Forever”
  4. “Helter Skelter”
  5. “Revolution”
“Come Together”
“Dig A Pony”
“Doctor Robert”
“Get Back”
AM: What is your favourite Beatles album and why?
DJ: Rubber Soul because it was ahead of its time. But Sgt. Pepper’s was done with two-four track reel-to-reels and brilliantly multi-tracked perfect as equal to the multi and infinity track studios of today.
AM: Favourite solo Beatles songs?
DJ: “Starting Over,” “Band on the Run,” and “My Sweet Lord”
AM: What other bands inspire you?
DJ: Cheap Trick, AC/DC, Kiss, Styx, Nirvana, Ozzy Osbourne, Tom Petty, Aerosmith, Lady Gaga, and Jimi Hendrix.
AM: What musicians have you seen in concert?
DJ: I’ve seen so many opening and performing the same venues worldwide as them for 20 years but my favourite was seeing Starship front [row] centre and Mickey Thomas and Grace Slick [came] out and they did “White Rabbit” and “Somebody To Love”.
AM: What is your favourite Paul McCartney era? 
DJ: Wings Over America
AM: How did you get started in Beatles tribute bands?
DJ: It was at 3 AM and a Beatles convention in Chicago and I stayed up all night talking to this girl, Amy, and she looked at me and went into a trance, opened her eyes, and [told] me she was speaking from an angel to tell me that is what I am supposed to do on Earth at this present time. It was so surreal and I felt the angels’ vibe rush through my body and then I did it.
AM: How many tribute bands were you in?
DJ: I was in a total of five tribute groups and filled in with several other tribute groups in that 20 year period.
AM: I read somewhere that you were in the Liverpool Legends, a tribute band picked by George’s sister Louise? What was that like?
DJ: That group was really good with accuracy with the music and the look. Louise Harrison is a sweetheart and always hugged me after the shows wiping the sweat [off] my forehead with a handkerchief saying “this is what I use to do to Paul after the shows.”
AM: What’s the best thing about being in a tribute band?
DJ: Performing live and feeling the energy that the actual Beatles felt on stage. 
AM: What’s your favourite place you’ve played in?
DJ: Osaka, Japan Universal Studios. 600,000 people [at the] grand opening of the park.
AM: Why did the Beatles tribute show end in Epcot?
DJ: We were bigger than Mickey.
AM: Do you do impressions of any other rock stars besides Paul?
DJ: I do approximately 100 rock ‘n’ roll impressions vocally.
AM: Do you collect vinyl or CDs?
DJ: I do not collect CDs anymore but I still collect vinyl.
AM: What are your favourites in your collection?
DJ: Billy Thorpe’s Children of the Sun.
AM: What do you like doing when you’re not making music? 
DJ: Enjoy Earth’s serenity.
AM: What would you like to say to your fans?
DJ: Thank you everybody for your support along with your wonderful fan letters and beautiful presents you’ve given me through all those years from my mind, heart, and soul. Long live rock.
You can follow Davey on Instagram and Twitter.

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