From the Archives: Videos from my Australia Trip 2018

I’m thinking of sharing stuff from my archives that I haven’t shared here before. This might include videos or stuff I’ve written for school and stuff. Here’s a compilation of videos I took in Australia when I went last September. Putting these together was a lot of fun and reminded me of how much I love to edit videos. I love visuals!

To tide you over until the next travel post, here’s a little something from my archives:

If you want to read my blog posts about Australia: here’s the one about Cairns and the one about Melbourne.

Some more travel videos will be coming to my YouTube channel. Keep your eyes peeled! My channel’s a bit disjointed and I have a few more classic rock video series ideas for it so it can be a true companion to this blog. Not exactly informative Diversity of Classic Rock style stuff, but more fun stuff. Kinda want to leave it as a surprise for now.

Just gotta have the motivation to get out my camera and record some videos. Takes a lot more effort to put together a video because I want to look good – takes a lot of time to do hair and makeup.

Anyway, next blog post will be about the cruise I took to the Caribbean. That will be up at the end of the week.

Shout out to my good friend and Topaz level Patron, Patrick.

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