Interview/Review: Women of the Night

We’re very lucky here at The Diversity of Classic Rock to speak with a band from New York City called Women of the Night. Today, we’ll be looking at their songs and talking to them. Enjoy!

The Music

Women of the Night are protopunk and garage rock inspired. If you like The Velvet Underground, Television, Modern Lovers, and The Stooges and want to hear more of that type of music, you might like them.

This year, they released two singles, “Leather Glove” b/w “Quiet Nights” and “Moscow Mansions” b/w “Be Careful What You Wish For”.

“Leather Glove” has a sombre sound with some nice garage rock sounding guitars. “Quiet Nights” contrasts with this single had has a softer sound and the vocals remind me of Lou Reed.

“Moscow Mansions” is my favourite of theirs and reminds me a lot of Television and the Velvet Underground. The vocals have emotion and I like the guitar in the song. I like the keyboards in “Be Careful What You Wish For”. Overall, this is my favourite single and makes me look forward to what they will release in the future.

Before we get to the interview, I’ll give you a little rundown of the band. They’re based out of Brooklyn, by way of Seoul, Adelaide, and Alabama. Jords is the singer and guitarist, Kyubae Lee is the drummer, and Grey Watson is the bass player. They describe themselves as decadent and sleazy with a street talking attitude.


Angie Moon: How did the band get started?

Jords: The Women of the Night started with friends walking the streets after a show in Brooklyn. An old, weird van pulled up and this guy hung out the side and asked us “where’s the women of the night?” After a while we got to thinking about it and it just kinda stuck. Still we kinda think of ourselves more of a gang or collective like an energy or a spirit of the night.

AM: What brought you to New York City?

Jords: Street talking conversations I love hearing street talk and having people on top of one another always. constant energy. You kinda get the best and worst of things at the same time, everything all, the time.

AM: What’s the difference between the scene in Australia versus New York City?

Jords: Hmmm… Not sure they’re both dope, the novelty of playing NYC still hasn’t worn off yet. I think going to or playing in these historic venues where bands we idolise cut their teeth is really special. This year I was back in Australia in April and checked out some great shows in Adelaide and Melbourne. I love seeing Aussie bands here in NYC.

AM: What albums and bands shaped your sound?

Jords: These are some of our favs and in no particular order:

  • Rowland S Howard Teenage Snuff Film
  • Suicide – 1977
  • Real Kids 1st Album,
  • You Am I – Dress Me Slowly
  • Sleepy Jackson – Lovers
  • The Birthday Party, Door Door
  • Velvet Underground, Velvet Underground & Nico

AM: How did you get into proto-punk and garage rock?

Jords: Kinda by accident, I used to write poetry and when I got a guitar, I started trying to write songs. I had no idea what I was doing or trying to do. Anyhow, I sent some of them to a writer friend of mine and asked him what he thought and he wrote back that they were proto-punk which really amused me.

AM: What inspires your songs?

Jords: The everyday and the subconscious.

AM: How was recording the latest single, Moscow Mansions/Be Careful What You Wish For?

Jords: A total blast, we recorded at our friend Duane Lauginiger’s studio Time Castle in Bedford Stuyvesant. Duane tracked us there and we hung out and mixed a bunch of tracks there, always a fun hang and chill vibe.

AM: What makes Moscow Mansions different from Leather Glove?

Jords: Both come from dark places, Moscow Mansions is dark walking to the light where as Leather Glove is dark walking deeper.

AM: What is your favourite thing about vinyl?

Jords: Buying it. LOL, nah I love the feel of it, the artwork holding it, the mechanical nature of it but most of all the sound. It just sounds alive compared with other formats. Except tape, I love tapes too they also have a great textural sound quality.

AM: Favourite concert you’ve been to?

Jords: Pretty much any You Am I or Timmy Rogers show the boys never disappoint, Real Kids at the Bell House & The Pretenders in the Claire Valley.

AM: What keeps you motivated?

Jords: The need to release energy.

AM: What advice do you have for new bands?

Jords: Stay true to yourself, don’t listen to things you think people might think or say.

You can follow Women of The Night on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can buy their music on Bandcamp.

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