Review of The Keepers first single on vinyl: “You’re All I Need”

Northampton Band The Keepers Psychedelic Photoshoot by Nallie Cinnamon

This year has been an exciting year for Northampton rock band The Keepers. Recently, they played their first show in Paris and next month they will be opening for 70s/80s mod revival band Secret Affair. They also have a retro looking music video out for one of their songs, “Hippies and Punks”.

If you’re living abroad and can’t make it to one of their shows, then this bit of news will interest you. The Keepers are releasing a new single, “You’re All I Need” b/w “No Man’s Land” on vinyl. Lots of classic rock inspired bands dream of releasing music on vinyl, the classic way of listening to music. This dream came true for The Keepers.

As you can see in the Instagram post above, it costs £7 plus shipping and to order your copy just send them a message on Instagram or Facebook. Supplies are limited so order while they’re still in stock!

Update 29/10/18: The track is up on Spotify to listen to. I’ll embed it below.

First Impressions

The band generously sent me the single ahead of time so I can give my readers my first impressions.

“You’re All I Need”

The psychedelic intro is reminiscent of Sgt Pepper era Beatles and The Jam’s “Dream Time” with a bit of Stone Roses/Madchester kind of influences (particularly the song “I Am The Resurrection” – one of my favourites). Jordan’s vocals are excellent as always and the percussion works well with the chorus.

Their music keeps growing and evolving. The guitar solos and effects are more complex. The second guitar solo, about 2 minutes in, is my favourite in the song.

The outro is very trippy too and I love the guitar and drumming in it.

Excellent job and I think this is a very deserving A-side that takes me to a late 60s wonderland.

“No Man’s Land”

A darker, but still psychedelic B-side. This one has more of a Miles Kane or Arctic Monkeys feel to it than the A-side. A nice song to put on your rock themed Halloween playlist. If you like their single, “Another Night”, you’ll like this one.

Should you get it on vinyl?

Go for it! If you’ve been keeping up with their previous songs like “Here Comes Spring” and “Take Me On A Trip”, you’ll enjoy these songs. Also, it’s cool to own something limited edition.

Shout out to my good friend and Topaz level Patron, Patrick.

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