Does America have a culture?

I started making videos not too long ago because I think that sometimes some things are better said than written. With audio, you can hear the emotion and passion behind my thoughts. That’s why I loved doing radio. This latest video was inspired by the common belief that America has no culture. As a teenager I was very rebellious and not at all patriotic. At the time I would have agreed with this idea that America has no culture. As a teenager I read about all different cultures and histories of different countries because I found it way more interesting. It took me moving out of the country to realise that everything is relative. America may be familiar to me, but it isn’t necessarily the case everywhere else. I should have known that earlier since most of my family live in different countries, but better to learn this lesson late than never. Minds evolve and change over time. I will be turning 22 in August. I am not the same person I was when I was 16.

What really made me evolve my opinion was when I was living in Canada and I had this friend who was fascinated with American culture, especially New York City. I also lived with roommates who spoke like Californians, despite being born and raised in Canada, interestingly enough. I guess because whenever the TV was on, it was always on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I took some media studies classes and most of the topics were about how American media is so dominant in Canada.

From my experience of living in Canada and the US, I can honestly say the two countries are pretty different. When I moved back to the US I felt that people acted differently than what I was used to. Things were written differently, the sense of humour was a bit different too. Which country is better? It’s really not an easy question to answer and it’s really subjective. It’s another post all together for me to express myself and what I think about it in a clear way.

In 2014 I studied abroad in Ireland and I found that when I talked to a lot of people, a lot of people wanted to do a working holiday in America. To try something new. Like I go to different countries, they want to do the same thing. Everything is relative. If people didn’t want to go on working holidays, they definitely expressed an interest in travelling there. Someone I talked to said they always loved going on holiday to America because they loved the cheaper clothing and electronics and the variety of things to do. American TV shows and movies definitely had an influence and people referenced them all the time when making jokes.

Last year I started reading more about rock history so I could write this blog. Reading about rock history made me think that I really do take American arts and culture for granted. No blues or jazz music means no rock music. I think I want to do a big road trip across this country, but maybe that will be put on hold depending on who is president. For now, I just need to prepare to move and get ready to do a Masters.

Check out the video! It’s linked below.

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