Get Well Wishes For The Fish

I read the news today about Chris Squire being diagnosed with Leukaemia. It really made me sad and worried especially since I read it was a rare form of leukaemia. I hope that Chris Squire will get better. It really makes me sad that musicians from the 60s and 70s are getting older and so many of them have died. Very recently, B.B. King died. Yes were one of those bands where almost all the members are still alive and I think that’s incredible, especially since they went through many lineup changes. Peter Banks died a few years ago. He was the original guitarist for Yes and played on their first two albums Yes and Time and a Word.

Now if you don’t know who Chris Squire is, he’s the bassist for the prog rock band Yes. He was responsible for great basslines such as the very recognisable one for “Roundabout”.

He was the only original member in the current lineup of the band. Steve Howe joined in June 1970 and Alan White joined in 1972 during the Close To The Edge Tour, so while they are not original members, they played on key albums for the band. Geoff Downes joined Yes in 1980 during the Drama era. He was in The Buggles with Trevor Horn. The newest member is Jon Davison. He was in an American prog band called Glass Hammer. I’ve seen this lineup of Yes in 2013 in Toronto. It was an excellent concert and I’m glad I went. They played 3 albums in their entirety: The Yes Album, Close To The Edge, and Going For The One. I’m very lucky that I got to see one of my favourite bass players live.

The show will go on for Yes and they will continue to play concerts and the Cruise To The Edge with Billy Sherwood on bass.

I want to end this little blog post on a happier note. I want to celebrate the great music that Chris Squire and Yes have made. So here are my Top 10 Yessongs (see the reference I made to their live album?). Chris Squire, his family, and his bandmates are in my thoughts.

1. Starship Trooper

2. Yours is No Disgrace

3. Long Distance Runaround/The Fish (can’t help but list these together sinceย Long Distance Runaround segues nicely into The Fish)

4. Sweet Dreams

5. Every Little Thing – Great Beatles cover! I do like how they incorporated a bit of Day Tripper in the song towards the beginning.

6. America – Great Simon and Garfunkel cover

7. Sweetness

8. Roundabout – The song that got me into Yes

9. The Gates of Delirium

10. Something’s Coming – I really like West Side Story and I thought this was a great version of the song from that musical!