Israel Part 2: The North

The first few days in Israel were action-packed and we got to see a lot of the northern part of the country: places like Tiberias and Tsfat.

Here is the video of the jeep ride, in stunning 4K!

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Jewish Classic Rock and Oldies Musicians Part 2: US and Canada part 1

The United States has the most Jews of any country besides Israel with estimates ranging from over 5 million to over 6 million. Canada has a Jewish population of 375,000. Jewish Americans and Canadians have contributed to rock and roll in performance and songwriting, but this post will be focusing on the music side of things, but many of these musicians are songwriters. While doing research for this post, I found out that there were so many Jewish musicians from the US and Canada that this post will have to be broken up into two parts. A usual post for the Diversity of Classic Rock is more or less 2000 words and this post had it been released all together would be more than double that. I strive to showcase as many musicians as possible from the well-known to the deep cuts who deserve more recognition. These musicians are in a variety of types of rock from punk to hard rock to folk to power pop to blues rock to progressive rock. A diverse range of subgenres in rock.

This series of posts was a really important to me as someone who is Jewish. I am an atheist but identify culturally as Jewish. Writing this made me think of all the times that my dad would say that “it seems like everyone is Jewish.”

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Jewish Classic Rock and Oldies Musicians Part 1: Europe and South Africa

Easily one of the largest religions amongst classic rock musicians after Christianity and non-religious is Judaism. There are many Jewish musicians who have shaped classic rock and made it what it is today from songwriting to performing the music. Jewish classic rock musicians come from both sides of the Atlantic. Let’s start with Jewish musicians from Europe and Africa.

This is a topic that really hits home with me since I was raised Jewish as a child, however I was never particularly religious. You end up finding that it seems that everyone is Jewish. My dad told me that my great grandfather told me that. According to my dad, my great grandfather was the kind of person to point out who is Jewish and not let you forget it. Now it’s my turn to do that with classic rock! Let’s get started! I hope you enjoy it.

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