About Me

Hello! I’m Angie Moon, the founder of The Diversity of Classic Rock. As this is a one person operation, I’m the one doing everything you see on the blog: interviewing, writing, researching, brainstorming, designing graphics, promoting, answering emails. Here’s a brief bio:

I am 28 years old and originally from the Chicago area, but I’ve moved around a lot in my life living in various places: Texas, Florida, Canada, and now Ireland. Who knows where I’ll end up next? I grew up in a mixed race family, with parents from two different cultures. My dad is Jewish and my mum is Venezuelan of Spanish, native, and black ancestry. I stood out and I always felt lonely and I turned to reading since books were always there for me. 

From a young age, I had a love of things of the past. I guess that’s gonna happen when your parents are older and grew up decades before you were born. They’d tell me stories and I wished I could live in that time. I was surrounded by all things retro, but I didn’t get into classic rock until I was a teenager and it was through my own initiative and thanks to a couple of movies: Austin Powers and The Boat That Rocked. I was never the same again after I watched those movies. I fell in love with the aesthetic and the music and I had to have that in my life. I got into The Beatles and from there, all sorts of classic rock bands.

My goal was to be a classic rock DJ just like my dad, who briefly was a DJ in the 70s. Well, with podcasts killing the radio star, that wasn’t gonna happen and I accidentally became a writer and I found that I loved it because it’s something that I’m creating, I’m teaching people, and preserving the knowledge of classic rock history.

It’s really thanks to modern day innovations like the internet that I have a platform and a community of people to interact with who are as passionate as I am about classic rock. Plus, you have an all you can eat buffet of classic rock and don’t have to wait for new releases and you can find all sorts of obscurities and music that wasn’t popular in your country. I’m an American who loves The Small Faces, The Shadows, The Jam, all sorts of bands who weren’t popular in my birth country. With my fascination with Swinging London and the mod subculture, I needed to come up with the perfect pen last name and so I chose Moon, as a tribute to Keith Moon, The Who’s drummer.

I think of my life as a classic rock and all things retro appreciation life. My closet is the closest I get to time travelling – full of all sorts of vintage clothes and accessories in all sorts of styles from mod to goth to hippie to glam to dandy. People have wondered if I am really from the 60s after all! My blog is a classic rock preservation/appreciation society. A place to rant and rave about classic rock and exchange knowledge. Classic rock is getting up there in age, with songs being over 60 years old. As newer stuff gets considered classic rock, I think it’s important to talk about and remind people what made the 50s-80s such a magical era for music.

Professionally, I went to university to study communications and journalism, but couldn’t find a job in my field so I went full steam ahead with this blog that I originally started as a class project when I was in my undergrad. Here I am trying to revive music journalism and commentary, one lengthy blog post  at a time and with hundreds of them written since starting the blog in 2015. Always honest, independent, and informative. I pride myself on my ability to approach classic rock from a different angle and ask the questions and explore things that others may not have explored before. I think there’s nothing out there like The Diversity of Classic Rock: the approach, the unique perspective, the comprehensiveness, the accessibility. You really can have it all!

I am a classic rock generalist and have a lot of knowledge on all sorts of subgenres, but my favourite of them all is the British Invasion. That era will always hold a special place in my heart since that was my first classic rock love and the gateway for all things classic rock to me. It amazes me how much impact those couple years had on rock and roll as a whole. Music was never the same again all thanks to a bunch of young guys from England.

Outside of classic rock, I’m passionate about travelling, fashion, photography, space, and social justice issues. You might see me talking about these topics once in a while.