Review and Profile: Little Man’s new single: BLVD

On 22 May 2018, Little Man released their new single “BLVD.” Lead singer Chris Perricelli wrote “BLVD” while out for a walk and the track is about two people wanting to meet up.

Local veteran producer John Fields produced this track. Fields has produced Soul Asylum, Har Mar Superstar, Drake Bell, The Commodores, among other big names in music.

The short, but sweet track is energetic, fun, catchy, and reminds me of power pop from the 70s. The vocals and guitars are amazing and the bass in the beginning combined with the vocals really grabbed my attention. The release of the song at this time of year makes it a great song for your summer playlist.

As I’m writing this post, I’m listening to the band’s 2008 album Of Mind and Matter. Little Man are absolutely worth listening to and combine the sounds of the past to make their own cool sound. If you like classic rock, which I’m sure all my readers do, you’ll love this song and Little Man’s discography.

The release of “BLVD” is the beginning of great things to come for the Minneapolis rock band. They will soon release an official music video for the song, making it the first official music video in the band’s history. Eric Kassel will be directing the upcoming video. Little Man also plan to release more music to follow up in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled!

You can buy the track on Bandcamp or stream it on Spotify. Little Man are also on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Their official website can be found at:

About Little Man

Prince-sized vintage clothing lover Chris Perricelli is the leader of Minneapolis rock trio, Little Man. His biggest influences are Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, T. Rex, and The Kinks. In his spare time he likes to meditate.

Little Man’s  sound combines garage rock, psychedelia, and glam rock, basically all the great guitar driven stuff from back in the day.

Here is an acoustic cover of “Suffragette City” he did back in 2010:

Perricelli began playing guitar as a teenager living in Massachusetts and was in his first band, The One Eyed Kurtz.

He went to university in Chicago to study sound recording technology and formed Little Man there in 1995. 1998 and 2000 were big milestone years for Little Man, as they released their debut EP and LP in those years, respectively.

Perricelli moved to Minneapolis in the early 2000s and formed a new lineup of Little Man. By the mid 2000s, they made it to the forefront of the music scene in the Twin Cities, named Best Rock Band by City Pages of Minneapolis in 2007.

Since then, they’ve released two albums, Of Mind and Matter in 2008 and Original Face in 2014 (which had a successful Kickstarter campaign to get it pressed on vinyl – just like all the classics of the 60s and 70s), and an EP, Orbital Amusement in 2011.

If you’re in the Minneapolis area, Little Man will be playing a few shows at venues Mortimer’s Bar (13 June), The Aster Cafe (19 July), and Hook & Ladder Theater (27 July).

Hope you enjoy “BLVD”!

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