What’s Going On: Late June

One of the things I love the most is travelling. You can easily see that in my Instagram and in my Pinterest board of dream holidays. I love to share my travel pictures. I love to learn about different cultures and try new things. Every holiday I make it a point to try new things. That’s living life to the fullest. Last week I was on a cruise that sailed out of Southampton, England and went to two ports in Spain, Gijón and Bilbao; St Peter Port, Guernsey; and Paris. The cruise ship was the newest Royal Caribbean ship, Anthem of the Seas.

The ship itself was incredible and had some features I’ve never seen before on a cruise ship and it changed things about cruising. Instead of one main dining room and other alternate dining locations, there were multiple main dining rooms, each with a different menu and a different cuisine. There were bumper cars, a roller disco, a trapeze, a bar staffed by robots that would mix your drinks, a live escape game, The North Star – a capsule that lifts a group of people high up in the air, giving them 360 degree views, and a skydiving simulator. I had plenty of time to take advantage of this due to the sea days.

I’ll give you my take on the ports one by one:

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Latinos/Latinas/Spaniards/Spanish-Americans and their influence in Classic Rock and Oldies

Latino/as and Spaniards have had a big role in rock and popular music from the late 50s to today. From Ritchie Valens and Tito Puente to Julian Casablancas and Dhani Harrison. Classic rock also has a huge following in Latin America. I am Hispanic and I love classic rock! My mum and my aunt especially love listening to classic rock and when they were teenagers in Venezuela they liked going to nightclubs and dancing to the music there. The acoustic guitar as we know it is a Spanish invention.

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