Jewish Classic Rock and Oldies Musicians Part 1: Europe and South Africa

Easily one of the largest religions amongst classic rock musicians after Christianity and non-religious is Judaism. There are many Jewish musicians who have shaped classic rock and made it what it is today from songwriting to performing the music. Jewish classic rock musicians come from both sides of the Atlantic. Let’s start with Jewish musicians from Europe and Africa.

This is a topic that really hits home with me since I was raised Jewish as a child, however I was never particularly religious. You end up finding that it seems that everyone is Jewish. My dad told me that my great grandfather told me that. According to my dad, my great grandfather was the kind of person to point out who is Jewish and not let you forget it. Now it’s my turn to do that with classic rock! Let’s get started! I hope you enjoy it.

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Begin Here: Classic Rock/Oldies and Africa

Let’s start in the continent where human life began – Africa. Blues, Jazz, and Gospel music (which Rock and Roll had influences from) had African influences like call and response and influences from Yoruba drumming. Let’s go year by year to see what impact African musicians had on music in the 60s and 70s. I’ll even include some video clips of essential songs by these musicians. Did you get that reference to the 1965 Zombies debut album?

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