Yondr: Better concert experience or going a bit overboard?

Yondr is a San Francisco-based startup that offers a solution to annoying mobile phone addicts at concerts, comedy shows, and even schools. You can even use their system for your wedding or bar/bat mitzvah to keep people from posting unflattering candid pictures online or browsing the internet when they should be paying attention.

They created this pouch that you lock your phone in for the duration of the event. You keep the pouch with you at all times. It can be unlocked with a special device, kind of like the ones shops use to remove anti-shoplifting tags, and used in a designated area, like the lobby.

While it has been around for a few years, I just recently heard about it because a musician on my Facebook newsfeed shared a post mentioning that Jack White is banning phones at his shows with the help of this system.

This got me thinking…

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Opinion: Is Record Store Day just a “Black Friday” for Record Stores?

This year is the 10th anniversary of Record Store Day. For those who don’t know what Record Store Day is, it’s on a Saturday in April (and there’s a Black Friday Record Store Day too, but it’s not the main record store day) dedicated to supporting your local record store. Most cool record stores will have local musicians perform and the shops sell limited edition reissues of records, many times on coloured vinyl or on picture discs. Sounds pretty cool, right? It’s always great to support small businesses rather than Walmart.

Coloured vinyl looks pretty cool and I can see why that’s an appeal. Take a look at this early 80s intro for Top of the Pops. If you want to see the behind the scenes intro for it, click here to watch it. I love the colours and the theme song, has to be one of my favourites along with the “Whole Lotta Love” intro in the 70s.

But why do I have issues with Record Store Day?

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