70 years of travel: The story of my grandparents’ travel adventures

Note: I’ve been doing travel writing recently and that has been taking priority right now. This is a story I wrote for another website, when it’s posted I’ll link it here. 

I got my love of travel from my grandparents, Maurine and Sol.

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Their Florida home is beautifully decorated with art from the various places they’ve visited and my curious childhood self was intrigued with all these things from different cultures. At least once a year they’d go overseas and every time they came back, they’d have so many stories to tell and I would ask so many questions.

Decorations in their house

In their roughly 91 years on this planet, they’ve been to every continent, bar Antarctica. Sol would have loved to go to Antarctica, but Maurine wasn’t too keen on the idea because it’s a strenuous trip that involves a long flight to Argentina and a boat ride in rough seas, and because of environmental concerns.

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 22.46.50

Maurine and Sol’s Travel Map: 1948-2017 (I made this on the website Matador Network)

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Exclusive: The Keepers new single “Another Night” + Q&A

On 15 December, Northampton retro inspired indie band The Keepers will release their newest single, “Another Night” b/w “Cerise.”

To celebrate this milestone, they will play at local venue The Pomfret Arms on December 15 at 8 PM.

If you’re in the area and on a tight budget because of Christmas shopping, don’t worry as entry is free!

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My Response: Everyday Feminism article says that rapists/abusers shouldn’t be locked up plus my #MeToo story

Once upon a time, I used to make videos on YouTube. I quit for many reasons, but I want to get back into expressing my views. Here’s the video plus my #MeToo story.

The original Everyday Feminism article that I am responding to was awful, the worst article I’ve ever seen on that website, and there are a lot of contenders for that top spot.

I’m thinking of moving more of my social/political commentary to YouTube. It’s doubtful that I’ll be noticed.

Appy polly loggies for the shite sound in the beginning, I was experimenting with two different microphones.

Why disabled people shouldn’t have to out themselves

“Hide in your shell”

I am disabled. I have Aspergers and social anxiety, which is probably connected to having Aspergers. Fun fact: David Byrne of the Talking Heads said he likely had Aspergers! My disability is not one that you can’t immediately or obviously see.

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The Classic Rock Lifestyle: Australia, Part 4: Melbourne

This is the post you’ve been waiting for, my overview of Melbourne, which concludes The Classic Rock Lifestyle: Australia series. Soon enough, I’ll get back to what you’re really here for, the overviews of 60s and 70s music from different countries and taking a look at the different influences.

Long before I knew I was going to Australia, I would talk to Australians about where they would recommend I visit. High in a lot of people’s recommendations was the World’s Most Liveable City for seven years in a row, Melbourne. Why did people recommend Melbourne over Sydney? It has a European/San Francisco feel to it, it is an arty city with lots of character, there are so many great vintage shops, it’s less expensive than Sydney, and there are so many great cafes.

What did I take away from my short time in Melbourne? Let’s go!

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How to not handle a crowd: Thoughts on Lido Pimienta’s comments

Earlier this month, Colombian-Canadian musician Lido Pimienta invited brown girls to the front of her show at the Halifax Pop Explosion music festival. She won the Polaris Music Prize this year for her album La Papessa, being the first musician who does not perform in English or French to win the honour.

A volunteer photographer working for the festival who happened to be white stood at the front and refused to move. Lido Pimienta told the photographer to move, and then singled out the photographer and said “You’re cutting into my set time and you’re disrespecting these women, and I don’t have time for this”. The photographer was eventually kicked out, and last week, the music festival announced that they will not allow the photographer to work at the festival again. After the show, she called the photographer violent and wanted the festival to release her name.

As a brown girl, I’m not okay with this for many reasons.

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The Classic Rock Lifestyle: Australia, Part 3: Byron Bay and Nimbin

It’s not a trip to Australia without going to… Well, you could list a lot of places there, but in this post I’ll make a case for Northern New South Wales. The country is so big that you can’t see it all in one trip. To put it into perspective for my fellow Americans, if someone said they wanted to do both New York and LA in a week, you would call them crazy. In the case of Canada, seeing both Montreal and Vancouver in a week wouldn’t be the best idea and it would be rushed. Like the US and Canada, Australia is really big.

If you like beaches, adventure activities, and a more laid back and friendly environment, Byron Bay is the place for you.

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The Classic Rock Lifestyle: Australia, Part 2: Sydney

Welcome back to another edition of The Classic Rock Lifestyle! In this post, I’ll be talking about the first part of my honeymoon (after getting off the plane of course since that was a journey itself). My husband and I spent a week in Sydney and we loved it.

In this post, I’ll talk about some cool things to do in Sydney: the neighbourhoods, restaurants (mostly vegan/vegetarian of course), landmarks, shops, and of course, beaches.


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What’s in my makeup bag?

I was inspired by Nallie to write this blog post. Check out her blog! She writes a lot about mod and vintage style and fashion. She has great dress sense and she’s really cool!

Over the years I have improved my makeup skills and felt that it is worth it to buy more expensive makeup. I used to be so bad at makeup that I would hardly wear it and that times I would wear it, my eyeliner looked cringey. You’ll find pictures if you scroll back far enough on my Instagram or Facebook profile.

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