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I love to talk about classic rock and I am happy to answer any questions for curious minds. Seriously. 

I love to get to know my readers. Want to know my opinion on something? Want to listen to a band, but have no idea where to start? Confused about something related to classic rock history? Or maybe you want to say hello. Send me postcard, drop me a line! 📬📯😃

Can I send you my music or other work?

If you are in a classic rock inspired band and you want me to review your album, if you are an author of a classic rock related book and you want me to review your book, or if you’re a filmmaker making a classic rock related film or documentary, contact me using the form below. I do not review music, films, or books that are not classic rock related or classic rock era inspired.

I am happy to review anything classic rock related and talk to any classic rock inspired bands or creatives! If you want me to review your album or film, please send me a Dropbox/Google Drive link or streaming link. If you want to send me a review copy of a book, please get in contact with me and send me a PDF or if you want to send a hard copy of a book or film, email me and I’ll give you my address.

If email isn’t your thing, no problem. I’m active on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. No matter how you contact me, I almost always will get back to you within 24-48 hours. If I don’t get back to you within that time frame, please send me another email because on rare occasions I might forget to get back to you. I strive to keep my inbox at zero and make sure I leave no message un-replied to.

I’m a company, can I collaborate with you?

Sure! I’m happy to collaborate with any music/vinyl/vintage related companies and do sponsored content or accept PR in exchange for a review. Use the contact form below to get in touch with me.

How do I work with you?

Since the beginning, The Diversity of Classic Rock is a one-person operation. I’ve spent many hours writing the posts, working on making the website look pretty, promoting my blog on social media, and replying to your comments and messages. That’s all me. I have no assistant.

I believe in “rock and roll with inclusion” and that also applies to my readers. You are welcome to help out by writing guest posts about classic rock or other classic rock inspired bands, collaborating with me, making fan art, etc. Donating your talent is really helpful and very appreciated. I’m always happy to collaborate with like-minded writers and creatives. No experience needed, just a love of classic rock and writing.

Pitch me an idea and we can work together on a plan. Unfortunately, I am not making very much money from this blog (just enough to break even on domain costs), but when I do, I will pay writers. On my Patreon, you can find my goals.

Fans, musicians, creatives, record labels, PR, or anyone with queries can email me using this contact form:

Thank you!