Announcement: Hiatus & new things to come!

Hello everyone! Angie Moon here, writer and creator of The Diversity of Classic Rock. I’ve been working on this blog since 2015 for long stretches of time with few breaks, and this current stretch since the beginning of the pandemic is the longest with no break. I’ve always had big dreams for my writing and I’m always working hard to achieve these dreams and make things happen. I’ve had a lot of great opportunities thanks to this blog and here’s to even more!

Starting now, I am taking a break from my blog to work on something I’ve always wanted to work on and my most ambitious project to date, a book! This will be my first ever book and it will be classic rock related, so it’ll fit right in perfectly here in The Diversity of Classic Rock‘s Literary Universe and repository of classic rock information!

Writing a book is something I’ve always wanted to do and I came up with a really great idea and I can’t wait to share it with the world. It’s going to require my undivided attention so I am going to put the blog on a short pause until I’m finished with the book. My fans deserve the best and I want to give 110% on my first book and create something that is even better than what you’ve seen so far. I’m confident it will be something you’ll love and will absolutely be worth the wait. And don’t worry once the book is out, you can expect some new blog content that you know and love already.

So far, I’ve written the first draft of the first section of this book and finished the first draft of four chapters in the second section of this book and there are five sections in total. This book is going to require a lot of research and attention to detail and learning about new things. So I want to give it all my attention.

Because I am putting the blog on pause and I always believe in doing right by my fans and supporters, I will be pausing billing on my Patreon for the duration of my hiatus. I don’t think it’s right to keep a Patreon for my blog going if I’m not going to be working on it and giving you content that you’re paying early access for.

If you want to support me and my work while I work on the book, you can leave once off donations/tips on my PayPal. Any donations are not going to be pre-orders, they are just tips to show appreciation. I have changed the donation link on my website menu to reflect this change. If money is tight, some kind words of encouragement are really appreciated and go a long way! As always, I appreciate people sharing my content with family and friends and this is a huge way to support me and my work.

You can find me on Twitter (@theangiemoon), my personal Instagram (@angiemichellemoon), and my blog Facebook – The Diversity of Classic Rock by Angie Moon. I am active on all of these and will answer DMs and respond to comments.

Even though I am on hiatus working on my book, my email inbox is still open and I will read and respond to emails as usual. I love hearing from you!

I strive to publish progress reports and updates monthly so you know I’m not dead and you can hear about how my progress with the book is going and maybe I’ll talk about general life stuff too. This will also mean there will be no new music feature for autumn and probably winter. I’m still open to hearing new music because I will still be writing my year in review post at the end of the year and I will still have my new music edit as part of that where I share my favourite releases!

Until next time!