Announcement: The Diversity of Classic Rock is now on TikTok

I’m now at the age where I’m starting to feel old. I can’t keep up with the trends and I’m always late, hopefully fashionably late. TikTok seems to be the new thing that kids are into these days and you can find all sorts of content on there. Whatever your interest, there are TikToks about it. TikTok is basically the new Vine, which was a platform people used years ago to share 6 second videos. TikToks are short videos that are up to a minute so there’s a lot more leeway and freedom. What it’s especially known for is people making videos dancing to various songs.

Now that’s not really my thing. I have two left feet and no rhythm, but what do I have? Nice clothes and a lot of knowledge about classic rock. Honestly, sometimes I think I need to go outside because my brain is always on classic rock mode, but this is what a pandemic does to you.

TikTok has certainly been keeping me busy in a place where there is nothing to do, a country with a strict lockdown, and a personal situation where I can’t leave the country for now. Growing up, I loved to make videos and act in plays and sketches. I’ve mentioned it before multiple times: I was a theatre kid. I definitely think everyone should try their hand at theatre or improv or even something like Toastmasters because it’s a good way to meet people, make friends, learn new skills, and build confidence. I have Aspergers myself and I know that theatre and performing arts really helped me when I was a kid. Art and creative stuff helped me more than therapy ever could. It worked for me.

Lately, because I haven’t been leaving the house much I haven’t been speaking to anyone really besides my husband and once in a blue moon my roommates. I have always been very shy and awkward – I have social anxiety, but when it comes to performing and public speaking, somehow that’s not a problem at all. Making TikToks has really improved my confidence and I’m so happy to have gotten a positive reception on a bunch of my videos. I always thought I was really awkward on camera, but people are following me and liking my videos so I must not be that bad!

I think it’s because people don’t interact with you and you don’t have that conversation with another person and you have to think about what to say back. Doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I’m not really someone that makes a lot of sense. Oftentimes, the brain isn’t very logical.

As you can expect from any content I make, it’s going to be about music and a bit of fashion too, since those are my biggest interests. Eventually when I’m able to travel again (which is beginning to sound like when Roger Waters and David Gilmour make up, am I right? πŸ˜‚), I’ll share some travel content. I really miss the travel content because it breaks up the routine and I love showcasing my photography, but the good news for those who love my music and fashion content is there’s more of what you love.

On my TikTok, you can expect things like classic rock jokes:

Fashion content/Outfits of the Day – Mostly vintage clothes:

Classic Rock Educational videos:

And of course since June is Pride Month, lots of Pride content and gay classic rock history:

And maybe a funny sketch if I can think of any ideas:
All of that and more on my TikTok! Give it a follow – @angiemoonclassicrock! πŸ™‚

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