What I’ve Been Listening to: Autumn 2020

Welcome back to another quarterly new music feature where I do a rundown of new songs and musicians from the past few months that I really enjoy. As always, a good mix of genres and sounds. Let’s go!

1. The Pilgrim – …From The Earth to The Sky and Back

The Pilgrim are a psychedelic/acoustic/folk rock band from Italy made up of former members of Black Rainbows. So far, they’ve released two albums this year: Walking Into The Forest and …From The Earth to The Sky and Back. They are a duo made up of Gabriele Fiori on guitar/vocals/keyboards/synths/bass and Filippo Ragazzoni on drums. If you like Santana, CSNY, and Led Zeppelin III, you might like this album. My favourite tracks are “Mexico ’84”, “Lion”, “Fool Around”, “Riding The Horse”, “Cuba”, “At Your Door”,

2. Molchat Doma – Monument

Molchat Doma have really become one of my obsessions this year. I seriously listen to them every day and one of my favourite albums from recent years is their sophomore album, Etazhi, an album that I can listen from start to finish and have done so a bunch of times. They’ve gone viral thanks to their song “Sudno”, which has gotten over 37 million plays on Spotify.

The band are from Belarus and their sound is inspired by 80s Soviet rock music, new wave, and synthpop. When I saw they were releasing a new album this year, I was excited! My favourite songs from the new album are “Discoteque”, “Zvezdy”, “Leningradskiy Blues”, and “Lubit’ I Vypolnyat”.

3. ssshhhiiittt! – Third Life

I’ve really been getting into Russian Doomer Music lately and Molchat Doma aren’t the only band I’ve been listening to that fall into that category. This year has been quite a depressing year and what better way to cope with that than listening to depressing music? Since I don’t speak Russian, I can’t tell you much about the band besides I like their music. My favourite tracks are “Iceberg” (1), “How I Was Saving Sun” (2), and “Flowers” (5). It’s a very 90s/early 2000s alternative rock sound and reminds me a lot of my childhood. If you like The Strokes, you might like ssshhhiiittt!

4. Thr33 – Thr33

Thr33 are a prog rock blues trio from the UK made up of experienced musicians Nick Steed, Peter Mason, and Greg Morgan. They have worked with artists like Dare, Chris Farlowe, Sonja Kristina (of Curved Air), Steve Hackett, Dennis Chambers, Ginger Baker, PP Arnold, and Van Morrison. In September, Thr33 released their self titled debut. My favourite track on the album is “If Only Dreams Were Like This”.

5. Oddplay – Wonderland

Oddplay are a psychedelic/stoner rock duo from Bulgaria made up of Itso Nikoloff and Alexander Enev. They have released 3 albums in 2020 and the latest one is Wonderland, a nice chill album. My favourite tracks are “Stoned in the Desert”, “Alienfest”, “Soul Guardian”, and “Retrieve”.

6. Sam Scurlock – Reverie ’87

We’ve had Sam on the blog before and you can read my interview with him here. He’s always releasing new music and back in September he released an EP, Reverie ’87. There are some disco, synthpop, techno, goth, ambient, and electronic music sounds on this EP, plus a little poetry and spoken word on “224”. Recently, he released The Passage Takes Us Downward through Dronestrobe Records. You can check that out here.

7. The Moon City Masters – “Over Now”

On 4 September, The Moon City Masters released a music video with a retro aesthetic for the power pop song “Over Now”. They’re a band who definitely deserve more listens! And can’t help but love their band name!

8. Donny Benét – “Moving Up”

Recently, I’ve been getting into Japanese City Pop and while browsing Reddit I saw a song by this Australian musician called Donny Benet and it’s basically modern day city pop and disco. In his music, he likes to use vintage synthesisers and drum machines and he’s a really good bassist. An accomplished musician, he’s played various festivals and toured all over Europe. His album, Mr Experience is definitely worth checking out if you like city pop, future funk, vapourwave, and disco. I like the songs “Mr Experience”, “Reach Out”, “Negroni Summer”, and “One Night In Paradise”.

9. Shadow Show – “What Again Is Real”

I found out about this band through Instagram. They’re an all girl psychedelic/garage rock band from Detroit formed in 2018. Lineup are Ava East, Kate Derringer, and Kerrigan Pearce. They have amazing dress sense and music to match! Definitely want to hear more music from them!

10. Pete Kosanovich – “Like No Other”

This alternative rock musician born in Serbia, now based in London has gotten a lot of praise in his career from magazines such as Shindig!NME, and famous rock musicians like Liam Gallagher, Dave Davies, and Gary Powell. Next month, he has an album coming out called Blue Eyes Will See. In the meantime, you can listen to the single, “Like No Other”. If you like acoustic rock and Britpop and Mod Revival music, you’ll like his music! Definitely looking forward to the album.

11. Monophonics – “It’s Only Us” (acoustic)

In October, heavy soul/psych rock band, Monophonics released an acoustic version of “It’s Only Us”. The album of the same title, released in March of this year is also worth a listen. I only wish I knew about this band earlier because they’re so good! My favourite tracks from the album are “Chances”, “Suffocating”, “Last One Standing”, “Tunnel Vision”, “Run For Your Life”, and “All In The Family”. If you love psychedelic music and soul music, this is the band for you!

12. Fuzz – III

Fuzz are a band that are inspired by 60s heavy psychedelic rock and proto metal – especially Hendrix and Sabbath, which is music that’s right up my alley. The band were formed by Ty Segall and Charles Moothart. My favourite tracks on the album are “Nothing People”, “Spit”, and “Blind to Vines”.

13. Susan Surftone – The EP

I interviewed Susan Surftone on the blog earlier this year and here’s an update, her EP is here! You know I love surf rock and the guitar sounds of it and this EP is excellent! All the tracks are really good! This EP will take you back to the 60s for sure!

14. Los Straitjackets – “Bus Stop” and “Space Junket”

A really good instrumental cover of The Hollies’ “Bus Stop” by this Nashville based Lucha Libre themed instrumental/surf/garage rock band. Recently, they released “Space Junket”, a space age/garage rock song that gives me “Telstar” vibes. The b-side “Genesee River Rock” is a very 60s Merseybeat kind of instrumental with a bit of rockabilly.

15. Little Man – “Body to Body” Music Video

Friend of the blog Chris Perricelli, AKA Little Man, released a new music video for the song “Body to Body”. If you love glam rock and hard rock, check it out! It’s a humorous and playful video. Make sure to wash your body!

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