Premiere: “NIMBY” by Flare Voyant

London band Flare Voyant are releasing a new EP this autumn and coming out today is the music video for the funky song, “NIMBY” – which stands for Not In My Backyard. The song was originally about music venues closing because of noise complaints from residents who live nearby, hence the name – no loud music in my backyard! The song is even more relevant today because of the impact the Coronavirus pandemic had on the music industry. Playing live is how musicians promote their music and get more fans and it’s something fun for people to look forward to. When the day comes that venues reopen, be sure to support the local bands in your area to support this part of the economy. Two positives of supporting your local bands: tickets are way cheaper than seeing A-listers in the big stadiums and concert halls and the shows are a lot more intimate and you’re closer to the band. And if that band make it big, you can brag that you saw them before they were famous.

When the day comes that it’s safe to perform, you can expect Flare Voyant to play this song loud! In the meantime, play it loud enough for the neighbours to hear!

You can watch the music video below:

The new EP, Elusive Times, will be coming out on the 7th of November, so mark your calendars for this mix of jazz fusion, funk, prog rock, and hard rock.

You can follow Flare Voyant on FacebookInstagramYouTubeSoundcloud, and their website.

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