Interview: Bag of Nails

Bag of Nails are a blues rock trio from Athens. Their debut LP, The Wolf Inside Me, was released in December and you can buy a physical copy on orange vinyl or download it on Bandcamp.

Their music video for Daddy’s Blues can be found below:

We’re lucky to have Bag of Nails on the blog with us. If you want to learn more about them, keep on reading!

Angie Moon: How did Bag of Nails start?

Bag of Nails: Bag of Nails was Panos’ idea, somewhere hidden in his mathematical mind, when he was playing with Mike in Mr Delay and The Tallman. Some of the songs they were playing, turned out to become the basis of Bag of Nails, the trio that was formed by Panos after the summer of 2015, and through their prism, those songs took the form that they have in the band’s first demo, recorded and released in 2016.

Angie: What are your live shows like?

Bag of Nails: Our shows are extremely energetic, full of passion and modest pride for playing our music and sharing the biggest part of our soul and musicality with the audience, and with each other In the band.

Angie: Which bands inspire your sound the most?

Bag of Nails: The three of us have  different musical backgrounds, so a strictly blue[s] idea (riff or theme), can be merged with a funky or jazzy element and produce something we are all satisfied with. Jimi Hendrix meets Elvis while Stevie Wonder puts Floydistic passages on a groovy dance floor.

Angie: What was recording The Wolf Inside Me like?

Bag of Nails: The album was recorded almost live. ‘’Almost’’ is present here, because we kept everything but the recorded voice. We preferred to record the main voice alone, so that we could be more careful and precise to what we had in mind. Backing vocals were added after some time and some acoustic guitar overdubs were taken. Lots of fun and fighting while recording. That is the essence of co-existing in a group of people that try to give their best selves in a common purpose.

Angie: What inspired the songwriting?

Bag of Nails: Love, agony, fear of losing someone you care, tenderness for the opposite sex, and in the meantime, hate and despair for all the fake people that hide behind their fake smiles and  gigantic egos.

Angie: What are your favourite songs on the album?

Bag of Nails: That’s really hard to answer, since every track on the album tells a very personal story, most of the time a painful one. So, we love them all the same.

Angie: What was filming the music video for “Daddy’s Blues” like?

Bag of Nails: Great times inside huge cotton fields, among great and inspirational people that helped us with  going through this. Apart from that, the video is autobiographical. Panos has been working as a farmer since a little child up until now.

Angie: What bands have you been listening to lately?

Bag of Nails: Same bands we were listening as kids (or as older kids). We cannot stop listening to the music of the 60s and the70s as well as 50’s blues and jazz. This music keeps us alive and makes our hearts beat, exactly as they were beating when we first listened to it.

Angie: What’s been the proudest moment in your music career?

Bag of Nails: The proudest moment has undoubtedly been the time we opened for the legendary Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash. Wishbone Ash have always been one of our favourite bands and playing with them and even more the honest smiles on their faces while watching us play was like a dream come true.

Angie: What are your goals for the year?

Bag of Nails: We are planning to perform live as much as we could so as to expand our audience and let people know about The Wolf Inside each and every one of them. We have also started rehearsing and preparing our next album. The songs are already written and the arrangements is the only thing left.

Angie: Any words for your fans?

Bag of Nails: We’d like to thank all of our fans for their continued support. Stay emotional, stay human. See you around!

You can follow Bag of Nails on Facebook, Instagram, and Bandcamp.

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