Review: “As One” by Little Man

Minneapolis act Little Man released their latest psychedelic rock single, “As One” on 25 July via Soundcloud and Bandcamp, and today on Spotify.

Minneapolis based music producer John Fields, who has worked with Switchfoot, Miley Cyrus, and Jimmy Eat World produced the single.

“As One” beautifully combines the sounds of jangle pop, Britpop, and raga rock, making it an excellent follow up to the very glam rock inspiredΒ “BLVD,” released in May 2018. Both are excellent songs that bookend the summer with different moods.

The album begins with a really neat percussion and then segues into guitars and chimes. As always, Chris’s vocals are excellent and really fit the 90s meet 70s sound of the song. I get a really peaceful, chill mood from the Indian influences. The end of the song beautifully fades out, giving me that feeling of it going on forever, in a good way. Like his other songs, “As One” is definitely worth the listen.

In the hashtags, Perricelli cites influences like 90s Portland alternative rock band Dandy Warhols and George Harrison.

The lyrics are also beautiful, poetic, and spiritual. An excerpt of them:

Eyes can be the tether,
That connects our worlds together.
Feeling our attraction
And the chemical reaction.
It’s a joy to be as one.

Scouting like a ranger,
You’re no longer like a stranger.
Now and then forever,
From a spark, to flame, to ember.
It’s a joy to be as one.

It’s a beautiful psychedelic love song and I love the rhyming.

The album cover by Phaedra Odelle is a retro looking spiritual looking collage with a moon, an eye, and some crystals. The hair reminds me of flames, which are mentioned in the song lyrics.